4/19/21 - Episode 36: Higher Learning is now available for preorder! The price will go up upon completion! There is also some interesting character development at the end of this preorder segment you surely don't want to miss.
4/18/21 - 20 new Vintage Pin Ups added!
4/17/21 - 30 new Cards to reach a total of 100 this month! Enjoy the new pics!
4/14/21 - 20 new Cards added, including a few Bonus Features for Not Another Bimbo. More to come!
4/14/21 - A few Bio Image updates and Banner updates for Hannah, Becky, Vanessa, Mary, and Alexis.

4/12/21 - Need more Vanessa? Not Another Bimbo is now available! It's a short story, but will be loaded with Bonus Features at a later date!
4/12/21 - Sunday School has a new 3D cover and a new .pdf update to downlaod. Per the request of some of you, the original 2D cover is included at the end of the story/download. All Chronicles will slowly be getting this treatment over time.
4/12/21 - 50 new Cards added! Bonus features for The Trailhead, Shopping Strip, and Sunday School! More coming for not just these stories, but others as well.

4/6/21 - Right Up Her Alley is now available! It's 160 pages of kinky fun. I even impressed myself!
4/5/21 - Several "Voting" Stories have graduated to "Coming Soon". Did your picks make it?
4/5/21 - Collection Page updated to actually display stats better. I've also added some helpful [?] blocks.
4/5/21 - New Comic Thumbnail Viewer makes it easier to zip around in a comic, and still open a comic on a specific page. Hope this helps your browsing. New Silent Story almost ready, so test it out!
4/4/21 - New Saved Spots! I have finally fixed the stupid bookmarking system that didn't seem to work and made Saved Spots. They work like Favorites, but now you can save the page (or group of pages) you left off on. It at least narrows it down to within 5 pages, which is kind of the best I can do. Hope this helps.

Fighting back to stories and bigger projects proved to be semi-successful as The Trailhead was completed and Right Up Her Alley is close behind. I'm still struggling on getting the next Episode of the Main Saga completed, and I have no one to blame but myself. Hopefully this month will prove different. I say that every month though. Sorry.

I've also taken to fixing up the Bios better and doing more tiny tweeks to making sure they are accurate. Both Cards and Vintage Pin Ups were added to all Bios and recorded via a database, so it (almost) auto updates every Bio when new Cards or Pin Ups are released! All I have to do is tag them, and there they are! I am considering doing this with stories as well, but this will take quite a long time. TBD.

So, goals for April? The obvious is moving the Main Plot along and addressing loose ends. Truth be told, Episode 36 is the same story I was trying to write for my last website before it died and was taken down. Maybe I have some psychological hang-up with it or something. I think I should just power through, and I'm sure you think the same. I will also be opening the new Exhibition section of the site and I have two shorter series planned. Exhibitions are exactly that: nude in public. They are almost like Silent Stories, just way shorter and more focus on poses, public nudity, yet still some powers. Another thing I'd like to do this month is make a fully functional HTML5 Slot Machine to replace the current one. The current one is ... nice ... but, I can do so many new things now. There's actually an insane amount of potential surrounding my new talents in HTML5 and Javascript. Oh yeah, I learned those recently. Stay tuned on those!

If you missed any of the March updates, here are the big ones:

New Silent Story Right Up Her Alley
New Chronicle The Trailhead
New Chronicle Lunch Meeting
• New 'Gifts' added to the site
• New 'Bio Banners' for select characters
• Advanced Previews and Outlines return for some patrons
• +50 new Vintage Pin Ups
• Monica and Alice's Bio Added
• Several Sagas added to Bios

Enjoy your continued adventure into Hannah's world!

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