10/15/21 - New Exhibition Rise and Shine is available! Sabrina gets a chance to shine, and she's going to let it all hang out!

10/12/21 - Senior Photos (Remastered) is available! I went nuts. The download will follow shortly.

10/1/21 - A Pre-Order for Photo Opportunity is available! I did not plan on doing this Comic so soon, but the renders went so freakin' fast, I figured I might as well do it. You can get the first 103 pages now. It is based on an older story I wrote long ago. Some of you might remember it.

9/26/21 - Clones For Her Birthday is complete! A downloadable .pdf will be added later this week.
9/26/21 - Vanessa gets an improved Bio.
9/25/21 - Celeste and Nika get improved Bios.

9/25/21 - Episode 37: What Dreams May Come is done! Stop reading this update and get to reading elsewhere!

9/14/21 - It's Mia's Birthday, and her Silent Story Clones For Her Birthday was ALMOST done on time. In any case, almost 70s new images have been added on her birthday. The rest are not far behind.

9/13/21 - New Exhibition The Cleaning Fairy added. Hannah goes in a little adventure to get some fun photos. This set is already loaded with 21 Photos! Get it today!

9/5/21 - After School Special has been updated with ~20 more pages. This story is getting weird, and I don't care. Proceed with caution. Rebecca has never been this horny, and she doesn't care what she does next.

8/31/21 - A Pre-Order for the 'remastered' Senior Photos is now available! There will be a few more remasters as I try to improve my early works. Enjoy the first 116 images!

8/29/21 - A Pre-Order is now available for Clones For Her Birthday! Enjoy the first 50 images!

8/18/21 - A preview and synopsis are now available for the next Silent Story Clones For Her Birthday. I'm trying to release this on Mia's actual birthday next month. Here's to hoping!

8/12/21 - New Exhibition Caught In The Act added. Get some extra photos with this sexy series.
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