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This month, the girls of Omnipotence head into space! There aren't really seasons in space, but they still celebrate.
You can browse through Seasonal Cards which even includes some cards from StarQuest: The New Generation!

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4/9/24 - Dr. Julia Reynolds gets her time to shine in Body of Research! Get this hot Exhibition now and see why BioTrek loves having Dr. Reynolds around. Also, Bar Maids has been made available for download.

4/5/24 - A massive new Artifical Realism Cosmic Bundle have been added! Get 200 images! That's a lot! Also, I have noticed I have gotten behind on creating downloads for the Artificial Realism section. Many have been updated for download.

4/1/24 - New Cosmic Cards have been added! All new renders of some of our most popular girls in space! Get them all!

3/25/24 - More Beer Cards have been added! Check 'em out!

3/16/24 - Just in time for some drinking, the Bar Maids are here! Mia Sato gets hired to work at a local dive bar, and her outfit is a bit revealing. Yet it turns out she's not the only Bar Maid, and its time for her to get to work!

3/8/24 - A new Artifical Realism Bundle has been added! Get it and get more babes!

3/4/24 - Jennifer Lee's Bio is now available. She only has one story (so far) that will let you unlock it, so go read the Quickie God's Good Graces. More stories and art featuring Jennifer are on the way this year!

3/1/24 - March is for Beer! The new Beer Cards are here. If you don't like beer, that's okay! We're celebrating bars, drinking, and even going out to the clubs this month. Get the first 25 Beer Cards now! More to come!
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Who would you like to know? Meet one of the many characters basking in the Hannahverse.
Unlock more Bios by reading more stories!
A new entity who comes into being when Tiffany and Vanessa merge.

While Nina gets a lot of credit as the most well-known Legendary Girl among Hannah's Pantheon, Tessa was the first. Created by accident when Tiffany and Vanessa got too close to each other (literally), Tessa is the ultimate nerd girl of everyone's dreams. In fact, Tessa is so smart that she doesn't use magical powers to do her supernatural feats: she uses science. She can't help but know how atoms can be adjusted by our brainwaves and rearranged to create new matter. She understands how she can adjust gravity so she can fly, or even turn into light and travel in a blip to anywhere she wants to be. Too smart for her own good, Tessa sadly lacks experience sexually, or at least she did when she was first created. A bit too naive for her own good, Tessa can be quite gullible, curious, and shy when it comes to sex. Yet she is up for anything, and can't wait to try it all. And unlike the infamous Nina, Tessa is loved by all the Gods and sometimes treated as a real girl instead of just a mix-mash of the God of Fate and the God of Power.

Maybe next time she is around you can give her a lesson in sex? She might tell you how to control the flow of time with your thoughts. It's so easy (for her)!

Saga Cards are digital 'Trading Cards' that you collect by reading or buying stories! You can save today's Cards in your ♥Art!
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What might the gods and their friends look like in real life? Something like this!

What's cookin', good lookin'? Here's what is coming through the pipeline! See more on the Coming Soon Page!
April - Cosmic Days
ARTWORK: MORE COSMIC CARDS! More Cosmic Cards are landing!


The second half of this 50-image set will be ready for release in late April!
CHRONICLE (REMASTERED): AFTER HOURS: Since GOING WITH THE FLOW is a sequel to this story, we thought it could use that 3D update!


This is an update to the artwork only.
EPISODE: LIQUID COURAGE (FINAL): The awesome ending to Episode 41.


This story has been delayed, but I am trying to focus up and finish.
ARTWORK: MORE MASTERWORKS! A whopping 50 new Masterworks will be added at some point. It is a mix of recent renders at giant size, plus a few new ones to help populate bios and Saga Cards!


This set is almost done! I'm just deciding when to release it among everything else.
May - Nature Days
May 1st
ARTWORK: NATURE CARDS! The ladies love nature, and you'll love our ladies in nature! Of course, most of them will be au-naturale.


The set will be ready for release on May 1st!
ARTWORK: ARTIFICIAL REALISM REBECCA BUNDLE! Mother Nature gets her own special collection if Artifical Realism images!


The set is ready for release in May!
EXHIBITION: MATING RITUAL: Horny fairy Daisy yearns for love, and she knows how to attract other fairies to please her. Who will come to the forest to be with Daisy?


This comic is in development and will be released in May.
CHRONICLE: GOING WITH THE FLOW: What happens when a former Plaything bombshell gains the power to turn into anything she wants? Well, considering she can't really get any hotter, she's going to get gooey and flow all over town enjoying new adventures.


This story has started. A Pre-Order in available now. It is a high priority apart from the Main Saga.

Here's some free art to enjoy today! Be sure to use Coins to buy up more art to enjoy any time!

These omnipotent beings live among us! They may share the same power, but not the same desires.