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What's New Since Last Time?
EPISODE 34 "Wishful Thinking" now available!
New "Art Gallery" Section
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This update took a bit longer because, as per usual, the story went a bit longer. Suffice to say, you can read EPISODE 34 in its entirety right now. Can you download it yet? No. Sorry. There is still some proofreading going on, but you'll get to download it as soon as it is ready.

In an effort to clean things up, focus has moved to EPISODE 30's completion once and for all, then NERD GIRLS ARE EASY, then we can all get back to the main storyline! Also, CUSTOM STORIES are going to be adjusted with the end of Flash coming. Don't blame me, blame Steve Jobs.


"Finally something for my tastes! Big tits! Magical powers! Hot women doing even hotter things. And not something about wizards and knights and stuff. There's really nothing else like it. THANK YOU!"
- greatgorgon
"These stories are some of the best short stories out there. I like that they are from a female point of view."
- PFMisHappy64
"by introducing tons of supernatural and constantly changing aspects into this story, you make it more and more interesting the further I read."
- anonymous
"Simply amazing. While I thoroughly enjoy the sex scenes and their amazing detail (and creativity), I find myself sucked into this plot! It's like a soap opera!"
- Pussycat