"Finally something for my tastes! Big tits! Magical powers! Hot women doing even hotter things. And not something about wizards and knights and stuff. There's really nothing else like it. THANK YOU!"
- greatgorgon
"I love the fantasy aspects of it. It's like reading a graphic novel, one that treats all the naughty, exciting, and fantastic things that interest me. "
- theoneaboveall

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Celeste Casanova is enjoying her new life as an omnipotent god within Hannah Deangelo's pantheon. She has new friends, can literally do anything she wants as long as she obeys Hannah's rules, and is free to strut her sexy new body on the beach with her equally powerful new friend Tiffany. Hiding their magic from the world, Tiffany and Celeste enjoy some attention, but when a telepathic signal tells them to break into a small beach-side bungalo, they find the greatest blonde of all waiting for them in the hot tub in the backyard. Naked, horny, and with a giant, sixteen-inch penis swinging freely between her young thighs, Hannah Deangelo has found her two demigods, and she wants to fuck them both.

With nothing more than a fence between them and the rest of society, these three blondes get down to business washing each other, kissing each other, getting each other soapy, and then getting their magical dicks out to suck and fuck without a care in the world. Celeste Casanova sure loves being a god.

Contains: Gender Bending, Teleportation, Intangibility, Body Morphing, Cloning

Length: 20,200 words


Long before Hannah Deangelo made her presence known, there was a different type of god who ruled the spotlight, or at least she did for a mere few months in history. No one knew where Anna Devine came from, how she managed to accumulate seemingly limitless wealth, how she managed to hide her simply astonishing body from the limelight and cameras, or why she acts so strangely, but there was no question that she stole everyone's attention when she stepped out of her extra-long limousine in 1976 basically naked. Miss Devine demanded luxury and perfection from all those around her, which is why Mark Coleman felt a bit out of place when she hired him to be her new modeling agent. Paid handsomely for his work, Mark seems to be the only one Miss Devine trusts to enter her private life, a life that is full of more secrets than the world will ever know.

Contains: Lesbian Sex, Straight Sex, Exhibitionism, Body Morphing, Creation, Cloning, Teleportation, Gender Bending, Group Sex

Length: 151,800 words


If you are wondering why an all-knowing, omnipotent being would bother going to college, the answer to such a question is resting out on the lawns in front of the brick buildings, as well as teaching in front of the class, waiting for Hannah in the locker rooms, and masturbating up in the dorms. Clearly not interested in learning anything, Hannah enjoys the social aspects of college far more than most, and her enjoyment is shared with many of the boys and girls who are lucky enough to sit next to her. Bending the rules a bit more than she probably should, Hannah is joined by her faithful friends Sabrina and Mia as the 'just another day' becomes a day not to be forgotten.

Contains: TBD

Length: ??,??? words

"how do you come up with this stuff? it is sooooooo good. every time I read your next story, I'm stunned."
- Litup6699
"Just read episode 1. Oh my god!!!! I loved that story, it was so imaginative. The story is good and the sex is super hot. I truly think that it should be made into a movie of some kind. Looking forward to reading the rest of the episodes."
- Peter