"how do you come up with this stuff? it is sooooooo good. every time I read your next story, I'm stunned."
- Litup6699
"Excellent writing! When I discovered your page, I thought ... WOW! I will definitely be reading more of your work! "
- Makor359

What's New Since Last Time?
EPISODE 35 Available to Read Online!
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EPISODE 35 proved to be a bit of a breeze and moved along quite quickly. Perhaps it was just an idea that sat around begging to be written. Perhaps it was due to the fact that this was a story to go wild in. In any case, EPISODE 35 can be read online. Well, it's actually not 100% done yet, but super super close. Might as well let you all get a head start. There's a lot to read and enjoy, so get going!

As for the rest of the year? Focus returns to EPISODE 30 as it is now holding up EPISODE 36. Time will also be taken out to write Vanessa's short story so that a new Quickie can be added, but EPISODE 30 finally needs to be finished and put to bed. It has grown wildly out of control, and it would probably have been best to space Anna's adventures out much like Mary's adventures have been done, but alas, it is what it is and it will be done one of these days. There's always something to write!


"Just read episode 1. Oh my god!!!! I loved that story, it was so imaginative. The story is good and the sex is super hot. I truly think that it should be made into a movie of some kind. Looking forward to reading the rest of the episodes."
- Peter
"I love the fantasy aspects of it. It's like reading a graphic novel, one that treats all the naughty, exciting, and fantastic things that interest me."
- theoneaboveall