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It's the season for beer! It may not be the best idea for a god to get drunk, but that hasn't stopped them.
Time to party hard, and you can browse through Seasonal Cards showing all the girls doing just that!

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3/4/24 - Jennifer Lee's Bio is now available. She only has one story (so far) that will let you unlock it, so go read the Quickie God's Good Graces. More stories and art featuring Jennifer are on the way this year!

3/1/24 - March is for Beer! The new Beer Cards are here. If you don't like beer, that's okay! We're celebrating bars, drinking, and even going out to the clubs this month. Get the first 25 Beer Cards now! More to come!

2/27/24 - The sexy, young, and exceptionally powerful God of Love gets her own Artificial Realism Bonus Pack as part of Love Days! Add 50 more rendered images of Celeste Casanova to your collection!

2/21/24 - A newer character to the saga, Maria Nuñez has some catching up to do, and now you can catch up too with her Artificial Realism Bonus Pack. Add 50 more rendered images to your collection!

2/14/24 - Seeing as it is Valentine's Day, how about an update to the Valentine's Day story A Gift From God? Oh, and it's free to read on Valentine's Day for those who don't have it yet.

2/9/24 - With love in the air this month, Dani reunites with her identical twin sister who has an Interesting Proposal for her: they should get married! As hot as that might seem, should Dani marry her own twin sister? Wait, does Dani even have a twin sister?
2/6/24 - Nine new Banners have been added, making a total of 90! Check them out in the Banner Gallery, or as part of the regular rotation.

2/1/24 - February is here, and that means love is in the air with new Love Cards! These cards will replace the old LoveFest gallery. If you purchased that gallery, you will get the first 25 Love Cards free! Expect this gallery to keep growing year after year!
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Who would you like to know? Meet one of the many characters basking in the Hannahverse.
Unlock more Bios by reading more stories!
Celeste Casanova
An runaway teen who became the God of Love, and a very real, sometimes troublesome, extremely kinky angel.

Commonly referred to as the 'kinkiest' of the gods, no one has enjoyed being a god more that eighteen year-old Celeste Casanova; a runaway girl whose loving father died and whose mother married a horrible new man, forcing Celeste to literally flee for her life. With no home, no money, and no love from her mother, yet pure hearted, and full of compassion, Celeste was quickly given a new life as a god, gaining amazing powers, immortality, and the task of helping lost souls find love. Now able to use infinite magical powers and be as voluptuous as the older gods despite her young age, Celeste embraces her new powers and begins her new lfe as a god, enjoying the fact she can be an angel, a genie, a mermaid, or just a bubbly teen any time she wants.

Able to do as she pleases, this magical, homeless teen loves her new role as cupid, using her powers to steer oblivious people into each other’s arms. Yet with no normal life, Celeste 'Casanova' lives has found a new home up in the clouds, still very much without a home of her own yet also no longer wanting one. She sleeps in pillows of white clouds, bathes in waterfalls deep in jungles, and hides in plain sight as a tiny bird, butterfly, or even a mouse. Yet also with the raging hormones of a teenager, Celeste cannot resist abusing her godly powers to explore sex much like her fellow teenage god Hannah, only in even more perverse ways. Like Hannah, she is both an immortal god and a teenage girl, yet unlike Hannah, Celeste has no family, no former friends, and nothing to do but live in pleasure. Out of the spotlight that haunts Hannah, Celeste is indeed free to experiment, offering new pleasures to her older gods they might not even be sure if they like, yet cannot deny the pleasures this young god has to offer, especially when this hot, horny teenage girl offers one of her fellow gods her huge, hard, throbbing cock.

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What might the gods and their friends look like in real life? Something like this!

What's cookin', good lookin'? Here's what is coming through the pipeline! See more on the Coming Soon Page!
March - Beer Days
ARTWORK: ARTIFICIAL REALISM #8! A new round of Artificial Realism pics are going to be added!


The set is ready for release in March!
EXHIBITION: BAR MAIDS: Mia finds herself at a new job working as a 'Bar Maid': a slutty waitress who must flaunt her hot body in a useless costume. Is this torture, or is this the best job ever?


This comic is in development and will be released in March.
EPISODE: LIQUID COURAGE (FINAL): The awesome ending to Episode 41.


This story has been delayed.
CHRONICLE (REMASTERED): AFTER HOURS: Since GOING WITH THE FLOW is a sequel to this story, we thought it could use that 3D update!


This is an update to the artwork. It will be released in March.
ARTWORK: BEER CARDS (Part 2)! Beer, beer beer! Time to get silly with some Beer Cards. These Cards will replace the old BeerFest Prints. We will be working to keep as many of the old ones as possible, but expect updates, upgrades, and changes. If you bought the old BeerFest Print pack, you'll get all 50 of these as a replacement.


The set is in development.
CHRONICLE: GOING WITH THE FLOW: What happens when a former Plaything bombshell gains the power to turn into anything she wants? Well, considering she can't really get any hotter, she's going to get gooey and flow all over town enjoying new adventures.


This story has started. A Pre-Order in available now. It is a high priority apart from the Main Saga.
April - Cosmic Days
April 1st
ARTWORK: COSMIC CARDS! They say space exploration is all about going 'where no man has gone before', but women have been out there for a while, and we've got the Cards to prove it! This is a brand new set of cards and images. Oh, and don't worry, the gods are letting anyone come with them like Mia, Sasha, Erica, Tabitha, Sophia ... you get the picture, and you'll get the pictures! Expect godly outfits, weightlessness, and dreamy worlds.


The set will be ready for release on April 1st!
QUICKIE: CONTROL FREAK: Shortly after Episode 40, Kelly goes out in the world to see if she can be more like Hannah. But when she doesn't like how people think, she unleashes her mind control and turns a bar into a party of slaves.


This story is outlined.

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These omnipotent beings live among us! They may share the same power, but not the same desires.