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7/18/21 - Catch Me If You Can is now available for Pre-Order. This fun romp is moving along fast! Could be completed by the end of the month.

7/16/21 - After School Special is now available for Pre-Order. You think you can handle Rebecca's taboo mind? Let's put it to the test! If you like ultra-kinky fun between a horny milf and younger teens, get ready. Admittedly, this is just the opening scenes. The real action is yet to come.

7/13/21 - What Dreams May Come is now available for Pre-Order. It's just a little segment, but the entire story is outlined and moving quick. Expect some surprises.

7/12/21 - A Date For The Evening is now available for download. It went a bit longer than expected, but I doubt you'll complain about that.
7/6/21 - 7 more photos added to Godlife Magazine #1.

7/4/21 - The first issue of Godlife Magazine has started. More pages to be added. You can help write the articles within! Check out the photographer's work and create your Captions for Coins.
6/29/21 - Bios got a updated/upgraded. Artwork has been moved to separate search pages to save on some load times. You can now see galleries of any girl directly. More to come.
6/26/21 - New Memory game added! You are now earning Game Credits every day you visit the site. Memory has also been added as a Custom Button.
6/26/21 - Art Gallery Discounts added to all Patreon levels!
6/24/21 - A new Caption has been added to Study Session.
6/24/21 - A new photo has been added to A Walk In The Park.
6/24/21 - Six new Prints added. Just get 'em. They're only 100 Coins each.
6/24/21 - A few days were taken to make the Mobile and Tablet experiences better. For those that use that method to browse the site, I hope you see a lot of improvements! Now, back to writing.

6/22/21 - I went ahead and made the Pre-Order for A Date For The Evening available. It really is almost done, maybe just a few days away, but I am trying to push Pre-Orders as a 'thing'. You can start reading it now.
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Here are some great stories and projects on the horizon! Release dates are subject to change, but we'll try and hit them!
Episode 37: What Dreams May Come - Moving right along, let's get back to Mary and Julia's story. Obviously, you aren't going to find any sort of spoilers for their series in this synopsis, just know it is going to get a little weird.

Catch Me If You Can - Tiffany and Luke have a bit of fun around Tiffany's house.

Chronicle: Show and Tell - This short story is void of magical powers, but loaded with exhibitionism, sex, and fun. When Alexis's girlfriend Janet wants to bring her to be her subject on Show and Tell, Alexis knows this means she get to do more than strip for a room full of students. Janet has a backpack full of sex toys. Let's see what fits!

Site enhancements and Pre-Orders highlight the last month, but sadly not much writing progress to be found. The ideas are piling up, but time to write was sadly scarce.

Admittedly, it is much easier for me to load up a computer with some 3D shots to render, then let my computer go 'do it's thing' while I go do something else. Yet nine times out of ten, that 'something else' is something in my own real life or at my real job which keeps me from writing, which is why the 3D area continues to grow while the stories do not. It is NOT going to be some sort of new direction for the site as it is only a matter of time until focus is regained and stories are written.

With that said, I encourage everyone to write their own little captions for the new Godlife Magazine! This is going to be an area of easy growth for the site even though it is clearly non-canon. It's sexy and fun and easy to create, but maybe that's because I don't have to worry about any sort of rules or writing and can just make sexy pics of Hannah with Kelly, Sophia with Erica, or Rebecca with Sabrina. I have already started rendering a new Gym themed issue for everyone to enjoy. The Render Machine is cranking as I write this entry.

So what's next? I must finish Date For The Evening. The issue with that story is that I made the final sex scene a bit too big, long, and full of fun. There's nothing wrong with that ... as long as there is an ending. Mary and Julia's connected story will resume soon as I am also trying to get the Pre-Order of that story ready for those who are dying for more Mary content. In addition, a short Alexis story is eager to get completed. I am trying to control my imagination and keep this story somewhat short. You can see all the progress for these stories on the main page of the site (or if you are there right now, you could scroll up, unless its late in July and those stories are done).

And so, here's the stuff from last month you might have missed. Don't miss it now:

New Section 'Godlife Magazine' Added
New Exhibition With A Blue Dress On
Pre-Order Available for 'A Date For The Evening'
Pre-Order Available for 'The Cadet's Cosmic Game'
• New HTML5 Slot Machine
• New HTML5 'Memory' Game
• Updates to all Bios for easier loading
• Updates for Mobile Browsing
• +3 Photos for Hannah's 'A Walk In The Park'
• New Bios for Nicole, Marcus, and Aaron

Enjoy your ongoing adventures in Hannah's universe!

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