1/21/20 - The option to convert Tokens to Coins has returned to the Bonus Page.
1/20/20 - The Voting Booth gets an upgrade. Now you can sort between categories and vote for your favorites in each one. When it comes time to move stories to Coming Soon, I'll be looking at the tops of each category, not just the top of the overall list.
1/18/20 - "Perfect Marriage", "Horny Housecalls", and "Evening Prayers" get Bonus Features!
1/18/20 - Six new Captions Added
1/14/20 - "Role Playing Games" added to the Voting Booth
1/14/20 - Five Bonus Cards added to Shopping Strip!
1/14/20 - Sasha gets a Bio! Read 'Shopping Strip' to unlock it!
1/14/20 - Silent Stories now added to your Collection Page. Check them off to get credit for current and future bonus features!
1/14/20 - Rebecca's Bio updated with new Cards!
1/14/20 - Vanessa's Bio updated with new Cards!
1/14/20 - Episode 22 gets Author Notes and Spoiler Synopsis. It will take a while to do this for every story, but I will get there slowly!
1/14/20 - Episode 2 and Episode 22 get Bonus Cards!
1/13/20 - Feedback options added to All Stories. Send us some love!
1/13/20 - New Coin Shop Added to help you spend your Coins!
1/13/20 - Two new stories added to the Voting Booth. Ideas keep coming!
1/13/20 - Vikki's Saga added!

Welcome to the all new Omnipotence 2021 Website, now with a much heavier emphasis on Ease of Use, Interactivity, and 3D!

The website has gotten a complete overhaul with the hopes that this new version will make it easier to grow in all sorts of areas. You'll be seeing a lot more of Hannah and her friends in 3D, starting with the brand new Cards! What are Cards? Well, they're sort of like digital trading cards, tiny captions, and pin ups all rolled into one! You can find them all over the site, added to previously released stories, and oh yeah ... there are already 200 of them to collect!

Speaking of collecting, you'll now have to 'collect' Bios and Captions as part of your reading endeavours. Be sure to visit the new Collection page and check off all the stories you have already read. You will see a new Unlocked Features button as well which will tell you what you have unlocked for reading and/or buying each story. And don't worry, there's still lots more to add.

What else is new on this site? How about the Slot Machine! You can play a basic HTML Slot Machine and earn more Coins. Plus, you might even find some sexy little mini-stories within the Slot Machine based on who helps you win. Just don't count on Hannah or Kelly to help. If you get them in the same row, the Slot Machine breaks for the rest of the day! Yikes!

After you're done checking off all the stories you have read thus far, go ahead and take the new Tour as well. Even though you might already be very familiar with Hannah and her demigods, it's still a fun scroll through mountains of new 3D artwork.

There's still a lot more to add to the site throughout 2021, including all those stories still sleeping in the queue. Now you can see every single tiny update listed below in a handy queue. So long, monthly updates and 2020. Hello constant updates and 2021!

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