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12/1/23 - Who wants to go Lingerie Shopping with Rebecca and Celeste? It would make more sense if they were in a lingerie store than a grocery store, though. Check out this new Quickie staring two very naughty gods.
11/24/23 - Okay, now it can be the Holiday Season, and let's start things off with a sexy Holiday Realism Pack! Get 200 pics of Artificial Realism with a holiday/snowy theme. Just because it's cold out doesn't mean these girls are going to wear clothes.
11/16/23 - Sharing is caring! We're accepting submissions for anyone who wants to share their Saved ♥Art with eveyone! Users can browse your gallery and save art they may not normally have access to! As a test, you can browse a Saved ♥Art Collection we have put together. There may be a few secret, unreleased Saga Cards in there! Just remember to click [♥] and save it before the gallery is gone!
11/15/23 - Saga Cards have officially landed. The old cards are gone. The new Saga Cards are forever. Check the new Saga Cards gallery to see what you have already unlocked! There are currently 350 Saga Cards, and more to come. You can also save Saga Cards to your ♥Art page if you find them on any other page on the site.
11/3/23 - Saga Cards have begun to trickle out. These cards will replace the '3D cards' permanently. You cannot 'buy' individual Saga Cards, but rather you will unlock them as you read/buy more stories! It will take a while to update the site to reflect all the new cards. A new Saga Cards Gallery will be added at a later date.

10/27/23 - The ability to Save Art has been added! You can currently save AI Realism, Masterworks, Banners, and Behind The Scenes. More options to be added later. Look for the [♥] when new galleries are updated with this feature! To celebrate, I've released 200 more Artifical Realism pics! Get both bundles and expand your gallery!

10/26/23 - Martian Maneater is here just in time for Halloween. Not your traditional Halloween story, but I felt I did something like that last year. Enjoy a wild Halloween romp with a lot of surprises and scares!
10/9/23 - Several smaller site updates have led to the addition of a new COMING SOON: LONGER PROJECTS page. These are just big projects that will take a lot of time and effort to get through. You can Send Encouragement (1000 Coins) and let me know which ones you want to see first. No promises, but it is ... encouraging!

10/3/23 - Halloween! Halloween! You can now purchase the massive Artifical Realism: Halloween '23 image pack! It's 300 brand new AI-rendered images featuring the cast in various outfits. Captions included! You can also download the entire pack and save offline. I'll be working on the Halloween story this month, so enjoy this update leading up to the best holiday of the year!
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Who would you like to know? Meet one of the many characters basking in the Hannahverse.
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Rebecca Larson
A married, mother-of-two who became the God of Beauty and dubbed herself 'The Magical Milf'.

As an older, overweight woman who never knew what it was like to be beautiful, the magical teenager Hannah Deangelo felt Rebecca would be the perfect woman to make the world a more beautiful place for Hannah knew she would appreciate such things more than others. Unable to contain her joy, or her lust, this married, mother-of-two chose herself as the first thing she wanted to change about the world, transforming herself into the most beautiful mom in the world and quickly embracing her new powers to their fullest.

When she isn’t out making flowers bloom and decorating the planet with fauna, this forty-two year-old bombshell is showing off her new looks, seeking out the attention and admiration her old body deprived her of. Yet still married and with teenage children, Rebecca must hide her powers and her sexual appetites from her old life while sneaking out during the day to make the world a more beautiful place. Quickly enjoying her life as a god far more than her life as a married, stay-at-home wife, Rebecca abuses her powers and cheats on her husband over and over again with hot, young, college boys, sexy cheerleaders, and anyone who acknowledges her as the pinnacle of the term ‘Milf’. (Plus, it’s easy to cheat when you can teleport into any bedroom in the world you want to or float right through solid walls like some kind of ‘ghost mom’.)

Yet above all else, there is nothing Rebecca seems to love more than a sexy vacation with her fellow god Celeste: a horny teenager who is just as powerful as she is, and who would love nothing more than to give this hot 'Milf' the fuck of her life.

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What might the gods and their friends look like in real life? Something like this!

What's cookin', good lookin'? Here's what is coming through the pipeline!
EXHIBITION: SKYRISE SENSATION: Remeber when Hannah took photos of Kelly in Episode 40? Well, we got those photos! Take a look at the full set!


This comic is done. It will be released in December.
QUICKIE: MAKING THE GRADE: Jackie finds out she is going to get expelled from UCLA, and she has a plan to fix things. It's not a great plan, so there's a chance it won't work. However, it will be very sexy.


This comic is done. It will be released in December.
EPISODE: LIQUID ASSETS: Mary Miller is back for more of her drug, and now she has unlimited shapeshifting powers! But is BioTrek expecting her?


This story has started. A Pre-Order will be available in December.
EXHIBITION: INTERESTING PROPOSAL: Dani and her twin sister Lani head to a park for a romantic walk. But when Lani drops to one knee and proposes the sisters get married, what can Dani do? Can she say yes? Are people watching?


This comic is in development and will be released in January.
CHRONICLE: KINKY! COFFEE AND CREAM: One of Rebecca's kinkiest mortal friends is Keri Williams, a local milf who wants to get as weird as her new magical friend. It is during a shared afternoon that Rebecca tries to push this beautiful blonde to new limits, and Keri doesn't seem to want to stop. How weird can they get? If you like hot moms with big cocks, this is for you!


This story has started. It will be released in January.
QUICKIE: KINKY! DO IT YOURSELF: While Dennis takes his morning shower, Rebecca quickly clones herself to get the cock she craves more than her husband's. Better hurry!


This story is written. It needs art and will be released in February.
CHRONICLE: GOING WITH THE FLOW: What happens when a former Plaything bombshell gains the power to turn into anything she wants? Well, considering she can't really get any hotter, she's going to get gooey and flow all over town enjoying new adventures.


This story has started. A Pre-Order in available now. It is a high priority apart from the Main Saga.
CHRONICLE: SIMPLY IRRESISTABLE: While attending a very boring party she isn't sure why she was invited to, Vanessa meets a young woman who is even more beautiful, more seductive, and more mysterious then herself. Doing her best to hide her powers, Vanessa finds herself powerless against a wealthy, young trophy wife who wants her first lesbian experience to be with the famed billionaire.


This story has started. It is a high priority apart from the Main Saga.
EXHIBITION: KINKY! MODELS GONE WILD: During a photoshoot, Tiffany is met by two other hot babes named Rebecca and Vanessa who help her get naked and demand she suck their big, thick, girl-dicks. What kind of shoot is this?


TBD when developed.
QUICKIE: SUPERMARKET SLUTS: While grocery shopping, Rebecca bumps into the hottest man she has ever seen in her life. What do you think the chances are she will cheat on her husband?


This story is outlined and slowly started.

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These omnipotent beings live among us! They may share the same power, but not the same desires.