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9/15/23 - A Great Awakening is done. Enjoy. I'm taking a nap.
9/12/23 - A few new Masterworks have been added to reach 300 total!

9/11/23 - By popular demand, another Artificial Realism Bundle is now available. Add 100 new images to your collection. No need to buy them all individually. You can find this set on the newly added menu in the Artificial Realism Gallery. You can also download the entire bundle!

9/8/23 - New Behind The Scenes Gallery opens with 10 brand new Captions! This is a non-canon section where all the characters are allowed to mingle.

9/5/23 - A Great Awakening has received a great update! The finale is still due Sept 15th, but there's no reason why you can get started now. This story is gonna be a fan favorite, for sure.
9/4/23 - New Long Shot Time For Me To Go added! Verified Users only! This is basically a video summary of the Quickie 'Morning With God'.

9/1/23 - Artificial Realism Bundle #1 is now available. Add 100 new images to your collection. No need to buy them all individually. You can find this set on the newly added menu in the Artificial Realism Gallery. You can also download the entire bundle!
8/14/23 - Artificial Realism gets one more big update to a total of 500 pics, as well as the ability to Search. I'm going to be stepping away from updates for a while to focus on new releases and shutter some other projects. Focus must be recaptured.

8/8/23 - Rise To Power is finally done. Geesh. That was a monster. I'm happy with the end result, but it surely took longer than I had ever hoped. It was indeed a hurdle that I have finally crossed. There are still two more additional 'works' that will spin off of Rise to Power, but more on those later.
8/1/23 - Artificial Realism gets a big update. Donate if you want more pics! Images have also been further updated on Bios.
7/10/23 - Artificial Realism galleries added to some character Bios. More to come as more art is created and tagged. Visible only to Verifed Users.
7/9/23 - Jeez, I didn't expect the new Artificial Realism gallery to get so popular so fast! I have cashed in your donations and created 100 new images already. Tabitha, Sophia and Sabrina turned out great. Becky and Jackie look rather similar, but oh well. For now, I need to focus on stories, so I won't be creating new AI art for a while. Keep donating! I will cash in all your donations at a later date and bring to tons of new art.
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What's cookin', good lookin'? Here's what is coming through the pipeline!
CHRONICLE: A Halloween story about a newly ascended Tiffany dealing with a really bad Halloween party. Thankfully, she knows a few gods who can help her out.

QUICKIE: While grocery shopping, Rebecca bumps into the hottest man she has ever seen in her life. What do you think the chances are she will cheat on her husband?

EPISODE: Mary Miller is back for more of her drug, and now she has unlimited shapeshifting powers! But is BioTrek expecting her?

CHRONICLE: What happens when a former Plaything bombshell gains the power to turn into anything she wants? Well, considering she can't really get any hotter, she's going to get gooey and flow all over town enjoying new adventures.

CHRONICLE: Meet Vanna: Half Vanessa, Half Hannah. She is so bossy that even reality obeys her demands. Yet upon realizing she sleeps alone, this foxy vixen decides to go find a wife.

EPISODE: Nika flies back to Kyuka to defend it from alien invaders who are discovering it for the first time. What can an entire alien armada do against an invincible god? Nika has some fun in deep space while we learn the story behind her marriage to Scarlett.

CHRONICLE: One of Rebecca's kinkiest mortal friends is Keri Williams, a local milf who wants to get as weird as her new magical friend. It is during a shared afternoon that Rebecca tries to push this beautiful blonde to new limits, and Keri doesn't seem to want to stop. How weird can they get? If you like hot moms with big cocks, this is for you!

QUICKIE: Jackie finds out she is going to get expelled from UCLA, and she has a plan to fix things. It's not a great plan, so there's a chance it won't work. However, it will be very sexy.

EXHIBITION: What did Isis and Vanessa do in Jamacia? Well, we know they likely had their photos taken by random strangers, and we got those photos!

CHRONICLE: While attending a very boring party she isn't sure why she was invited to, Vanessa meets a young woman who is even more beautiful, more seductive, and more mysterious then herself. Doing her best to hide her powers, Vanessa finds herself powerless against a wealthy, young trophy wife who wants her first lesbian experience to be with the famed billionaire.

QUICKIE: While Dennis takes his morning shower, Rebecca quickly clones herself to get the cock she craves more than her husband's. Better hurry!

CHRONICLE: Tiffany is tossed into a pocket reality where she is a magical housewife who has kept a secret from her husband: She has secretly married herself! Far more in love with herself than her magicless husband, Tiffany can't wait to get him out of the house so she can celebrate her first anniversary and fuck herself like he can't seem to do.

CHRONICLE: What happens when you find out your friend's hot mom has magical powers and wants to take your virginity? For Aaron Davis, it's going to be very hard for him to resist the apparently magical Mrs. Larson's advances. Then again, who can blame him? Witness the beginning of every teenage boy's dream.


Here's some free art to enjoy today! Be sure to use Coins to buy up more art to enjoy any time!

Who would you like to know? Meet one of the many characters basking in the Hannahverse.
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Hannah Deangelo
Is this teenage girl actually God, or was she just born with incredible ‘gifts’?

As if by accident, Hannah Deangelo was born with strange abilities, gifts, or to put it quite frankly: supernatural powers. As a toddler, she was telepathic, telekinetic, could heal the sick, and even fly, and her powers did not stop growing. Hidden far from society by her parents, Hannah’s powers multiplied over and over again: teleportation, mind control, and even creating things out of thin air or turning into animals. Soon, Hannah’s parents could no longer hide their daughter’s powers, and the world learned of the ‘magical girl’, a girl who by just ten years of age seemed to have limitless powers.

Born invincible, immortal, and able do anything she pleased, the world wonders if this little girl is a witch, a demon, an alien, or was she simply some kind of all-powerful god living on Earth. Unsure of her role, the now nineteen year-old girl with god-like powers has respected the free-will and the rights of others, and has even gone so far as to cure the world of almost all crime, disease, and famine with a snap of her finger. But when she becomes curious about intimacy, love, and sex, the teenager with the powers of a god cannot help but abuse her infinite power to make herself the most beautiful blonde on Earth, kicking off a quest to explore all forms of sex.

After all, when you can do anything, you’ll try everything.

These omnipotent beings live among us! They may share the same power, but not the same desires.