5/12/21 - "Tending Bar" got a new photo added! Thanks for funding this series! Keep funding, and more photos will be added.
5/9/21 - 20 new Vintage Pin Ups added. You can now browse Vintage Pin Ups by character!

5/8/21 - New Quickie God's Good Graces has been added. Expect more from this new 'relationship'.
5/4/21 - Celeste's Exhibition Let's Go To The Mall is now available!
5/2/21 - Hannah's Exhibition A Walk In The Park is now available!
4/30/21 - New Photo Fund option added to Exhibitions! You can now 'Crowdfund' more photos for completed Exhibitions. All new photos included in your original purchase!
4/30/21 - Previews added for the next two Exhibitions starring Hannah and Celeste! Expect them in about a week.
4/27/21 - Four new stories added to the Vote page.
4/27/21 - Bio Banners for Jade, Julia, Scarlett, Sabrina, and Señora Ramos! Also, new Bio Pics for Jade and Lisa.
4/26/21 - "Suburban Secrets" got a minor cover change. No change to the story.
4/26/21 - New Bios for Yuri, Nikki, and Kim Yun Hee. They're fairly small bios, but it's nice to have them here!

4/24/21 - The first Exhibition is now available! More Rebecca! More! More! More!
4/23/21 - Timeline Page updated with new style and new info!

4/22/21 - New Quickie Suburban Secrets is here! Check out this kinky quickie featuring Rebecca. It's a bit of a prequel to Episode 27.

Lots of new stuff to enjoy, plus the debut of Exhibitions (with even more coming very soon)!

There were a total of three new stories released which are not to be missed, one of which being the Silent Story "Right Up Her Alley". Plus, it was nice to finally get rolling on Episode 36, and May looks to be the month it is finally finished. I refuse to let May end without Episode 36 being completed. As a matter of fact, I just wrote 10,000 words for it in one day, so the 'writing bug' is back!

In order to keep that bug going, I have created the May Challenge for myself, a challenge to write 5,000 words per day every day for the month of May (minus 5 days off so I don't go totally insane). You can follow my progress on this handy Google Doc so you know I'm not lying. Should I write a total of ~150,000 words this month, all my Patrons will get +1000 Tokens. The rest of you just get a ton of new content to dig through. One of the rules of this challenge is also that I just write 'something', so you may see some random stories pushed to the front, or new stories I just came up with off the top of my head. There is still the main goal/promise of finishing Episode 36, but other than that, anything goes!

I am not totally sure how much new 3D stuff will get created this month. I'd like to finally get back to Hannah and Sabrina's comic. Maybe I'll try and storyboard that thing and get it going as well. I already know the plot and it is not going to be as long as the first comic. It's ... simpler.

Anyway, here's the stuff from last month you might have missed. Don't miss it now:

Episode 36 Available for Pre-Order
New Exhibition A Walk In The Park
New Exhibition Tending Bar
New Quickie Suburban Secrets
New Quickie Not Another Bimbo
New Silent Story Right Up Her Alley
• New Bios for minor characters Yuri, Nikki, and Kim Yun Hee
• +20 New Vintage Pin Ups
• +100 New Cards Added
• New Saved Spots for Bookmarking Stories
• Comic Thumbnail Viewer
• Art Viewing Improvements

Enjoy your continued adventure into Hannah's world!

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