"how do you come up with this stuff? it is sooooooo good. every time I read your next story, I'm stunned."
- Litup6699
"Excellent writing! When I discovered your page, I thought ... WOW! I will definitely be reading more of your work! "
- Makor359

What's New Since Last Time?
A GIFT FROM GOD is available
30,000+ words added to THE MAJESTIC MS. DEVINE
New Cover Art Section Updated
New Art from Project Hexium
Synopsis for Quickie THE TRAILHEAD
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A dare led to a new Chronicle being added for Valentine's Day, and the productivity train kept on going as Episode 30 got a significant update! It could finally be finished this month! It is honestly the only thing cooking right now, but the Coming Soon page acts as a reminder of other things on the menu. As of now, anything besides Episode 30's finale is up for grabs for March. Those Quickies look tasty.

Oh, and the Total Word Count OFFICIALLY broke 2,000,000 words! It was inevitable, so the number was prematurely added to a few graphics here and there. Now its official.

"Just read episode 1. Oh my god!!!! I loved that story, it was so imaginative. The story is good and the sex is super hot. I truly think that it should be made into a movie of some kind. Looking forward to reading the rest of the episodes."
- Peter
"I love the fantasy aspects of it. It's like reading a graphic novel, one that treats all the naughty, exciting, and fantastic things that interest me."
- theoneaboveall