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It's Sasha's Birthday!

Thanks for visiting on Sasha's special day.

Celebrate by reading some of Sasha's legendary stories!


5/16/24 - More Nature Cards have been added! Enjoy a ton of brand new renders, some quite wild!

5/7/24 - With Nature Days here, it's time to celebrate Mother Nature herself with Rebecca's Artificial Realism Bonus Pack! If you want more Rebecca, get 50 more images of her right now!

5/1/24 - The new season is here, which means Nature Cards have been added! All new renders of girls out in the wild ... getting wild! Collect them all!

4/24/24 - A bunch of new Masterworks have been added! Some old art. Some new art. Just get them all, and don't forget to click [+] to see them in ultra-high resolution. That's the point, after all!

4/19/24 - The fan-favorite story After Hours has been updated with 3D art! All in preparation for release of her next, far bigger story Going With The Flow. You can still pre-order Going With The Flow and read the opening scene.

4/16/24 - More Cosmic Cards have been added! Add to your collection with some hot, new renders!

4/9/24 - Dr. Julia Reynolds gets her time to shine in Body of Research! Get this hot Exhibition now and see why BioTrek loves having Dr. Reynolds around. Also, Bar Maids has been made available for download.

4/5/24 - A massive new Artifical Realism Cosmic Bundle have been added! Get 200 images! That's a lot! Also, I have noticed I have gotten behind on creating downloads for the Artificial Realism section. Many have been updated for download.
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Who would you like to know? Meet one of the many characters basking in the Hannahverse.
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Sasha Hart
An extremely beautiful, naturally voluptuous young woman who just wants to run her own clothing store.

Blonde phenom Sasha Hart wasn't one of those super-hot blondes who knew how hot she was and loved to flaunt it, nor was she one of those oddly-busty naturally gorgeous girls who had no idea the effect she had on men around her. Lost somewhere in the middle was an exceptionally sexy young woman who, despite being taller than most and bustier than most yet still skinnier than most and charming than most, was simply a stunning blonde bombshell who did not care about her natural beauty. All Sasha seemed to care about was starting her own business, namely: her own clothing store in Santa Monica, CA.

Yet getting there was going to be tough, especially for being so young and trying to wedge some space out of the rich and touristy area that is Santa Monica. After years of ignoring her own beauty and sticking to the books, Sasha finally answered a modeling call and agreed to appear in Plaything Magazine. If she had to abuse her beauty to make some starter money, so be it. She wanted her shop, and in 2013, she became a Plaything sensation. Yet before she could be crowned Plaything's Lady of the Year 2013, she turned her back on the magazine, cashed the check, and ignored any future calls from Hugo Heffler. Her shop was all that mattered, and she was going to get it.

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May - Nature Days
EXHIBITION: MATING RITUAL: Horny fairy Daisy yearns for love, and she knows how to attract other fairies to please her. Who will come to the forest to be with Daisy?


This comic is in development and will be released in May.
CHRONICLE: GOING WITH THE FLOW: What happens when a former Plaything bombshell gains the power to turn into anything she wants? Well, considering she can't really get any hotter, she's going to get gooey and flow all over town enjoying new adventures.


This story has started. A Pre-Order in available now. It is a high priority apart from the Main Saga.
EPISODE: LIQUID COURAGE (FINAL): The awesome ending to Episode 41.


This story has been delayed, but I am trying to focus up and finish.
Beyond ...
CHRONICLE (REMASTERED): SUNDAY SCHOOL: If time allows, we'll be updating this classic with 3D artwork. It may get extended a little bit, but not much. This may get delayed until February, seeing as it is about the God of Love and February's theme is love.


This is an update to the artwork, as well as an addtional ~1000 words. TBD Release Date.
EPISODE: SPACE INVADERS: Nika flies back to Kyuka to defend it from alien invaders who are discovering it for the first time. What can an entire alien armada do against an invincible god? Nika has some fun in deep space while we learn the story behind her marriage to Scarlett.


This story is outlined.
CHRONICLE: KINKY! MAGICAL POSSIBILITIES: Hollywood star Molly Servalli has suddenly become a big deal, exceptionally hot, and finds her career revived. But when she finds out a teenager sorceress named Becky is the reason, she finds herself a dilemma: amuse this insanely powerful teenager, or give up on her career.


This story is outlined and slowly started. It is long and may take a while. I might have to do a pre-order on this one.
EXHIBITION: REVENGE BODY: Hot teenager Vanessa wants to get revenge on her exboyfriend by sending him some sexy photos of her hot body. Wait ... someone dumped her?


The artwork has started.
QUICKIE: KINKY! DO IT YOURSELF: While Dennis takes his morning shower, Rebecca quickly clones herself to get the cock she craves more than her husband's. Better hurry!


This story is written, but needs art. TBD Release Date.

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These omnipotent beings live among us! They may share the same power, but not the same desires.