2/27/21 - New Quickie: Roadside Assistance! A helpful traveler gets a bit more than he expects from a lost teenager with an epic rack.
2/24/21 - You can now browse Cards by Girl!
2/22/21 - +38 New Vintage Pin Ups!
  2/22/21 - New Quickie: An Unexpected Encounter! A burglar ends up trying to rob the wrong house.
2/20/21 - Tamika and Celani's Bios added! If you've read their stories, you already have them!
2/16/21 - Vintage Pin Up Gallery added to Custom Buttons!
2/16/21 - New Vintage Pin Up Gallery with thanks to artist Diobo! More to come!
2/14/21 - Coming Soon page gets updated with two stories you voted on! Thanks for voting!
2/11/21 - All Custom Stories are back! New Covers and Story Art will be updated in time, but the text is all working!
2/10/21 - More Custom Stories return! Enjoy "Extreme Narcissism" and "The Power of Suggestion"!
2/9/21 - Jackie and Mia's Bios get updated with all their new Cards!
2/9/21 - 50 more Cards added! Bonus Features for The World Of Porn, A Magical Storm, and Drunk With Powers!
2/9/21 - More Custom Stories return! Enjoy "Tonight's Homework", "Sex On The Brain", and "Magic Fingers"!
2/8/21 - Custom Stories are making a comeback, and with 3D Covers! More of the classics will be added as the weeks go on. Enjoy "In The Air Tonight" and "Hide And Seek" again right now!
1/30/21 - Celeste's Saga has been added to her Bio. Her Bio has also been updated.
  1/30/21 - New Chronicle: After Hours! This story comes with some great Bonus Features and a substaintial update to Sasha's bio, so don't miss it. There will be sequels!

The first month of the new site went very well as the bugs within the system seemed very minimal, and so the ability to add new content took center stage. While no new Episodes of the Main Saga have been finished as of now, everything else has now been set aside so that Episode 36 can take center stage. This is still a very dear story to me as it is not only long overdue for the site, but long overdue going back to previous Hannah stories long before this particular website was born. Expect a strong focus on that story through February with the goal of yes, finally getting it done!

Apart from just that particular story, I have my eyes set on doing more Cards and continually adding more Bonus Features to past stories. This will be an ongoing process which can honestly be done in tandem with Episode 36. Cards are obviously a big part of that, and some of my personal favorite Cards are going to be turned into Pin Up images for a brand new section. I also am not ignoring the fact that I do need to reopen the Custom Stories section and finish off all the Bios with new information, sagas, and Cards.

What should you do? Well 1) make sure you've read all my stories and are totally caught up for one, 2) vote on the stories you want me to write next in the Voting Booth, and 3) try your hand at the Caption Creator! I'd like to see that area grow, otherwise it will be removed to make room for something else. And if you missed any of the January updates, here are the big ones:

New Chronicle After Hours
New Quickie Just Visiting
• 350 Total Cards to Unlock/Buy
• New Sagas added for most of the main characters
• Several Bonus Features added to old stories
• Six new Captions
• 3D Covers for all Quickies

Enjoy your continued adventure into Hannah's world!

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