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11/26/21 - New Banner Gallery added for all Patrons. You can view any Banner on the site without having to cycle through all of them. More to come!
11/22/21 - New 2022 Banners on the way! You can see how the Banners will work on the 2022 site in the Comic section right now. Scroll down to see the full page take over your browser window! These will eventually be everywhere.
11/22/21 - Elite Cards added to the Art Gallery. You can only earn these by buying stories. More to come!

11/17/21 - Show and Tell is now available for download. I added a few Elite Cards. Elite Cards will arrive on the website soon.
11/16/21 - Alexis gets a Super Bio!

11/16/21 - Senior Photos (Remastered) is now available for download. Finally.

11/16/21 - Clones For Her Birthday is now available for download. Sorry that took so long.

11/15/21 - Show and Tell is finally here! And it is an Elite Version to boot! This story has 3D art from the start, and feels more like a comic. I went a bit overboard on the amount of artwork. I hope you don't mind. There's even more coming in the download (which will be ready tomorrow).
11/13/21 - You can now buy Extras and develop them! Visit the Extra Store to see who is for sale. If you don't see anyone, that means they've currently all been bought. More will be added later. This is a growing section that lets you develop your own corner of the Hannahverse!

11/7/21 - Episode 1: The Talented Teenager now has an Elite Edition! You can now get this first of many Elite Editions inwhich all 2D artwork has been replaced with brand new 3D art! New Elite Cards are also included with your download. (They will be added to the website later for easy viewing.) If you have already downloaded Episode 1, download it again! This version is better! (The story is the same.)
11/7/21 - 5 Bonus Cards for Episode 1: The Talented Teeanger have been updated.
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These omnipotent beings live among us! They may share the same power, but not the same desires.