9/14/21 - It's Mia's Birthday, and her Silent Story Clones For Her Birthday was ALMOST done on time. In any case, almost 70s new images have been added on her birthday. The rest are not far behind.

9/13/21 - New Exhibition The Cleaning Fairy added. Hannah goes in a little adventure to get some fun photos. This set is already loaded with 21 Photos! Get it today!

9/5/21 - After School Special has been updated with ~20 more pages. This story is getting weird, and I don't care. Proceed with caution. Rebecca has never been this horny, and she doesn't care what she does next.

8/31/21 - A Pre-Order for the 'remastered' Senior Photos is now available! There will be a few more remasters as I try to improve my early works. Enjoy the first 116 images!

8/29/21 - A Pre-Order is now available for Clones For Her Birthday! Enjoy the first 50 images!

8/18/21 - A preview and synopsis are now available for the next Silent Story Clones For Her Birthday. I'm trying to release this on Mia's actual birthday next month. Here's to hoping!

8/12/21 - New Exhibition Caught In The Act added. Get some extra photos with this sexy series.
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Here are some great stories and projects on the horizon! Release dates are subject to change, but we'll try and hit them!
Episode 37: What Dreams May Come - Moving right along, let's get back to Mary and Julia's story. Obviously, you aren't going to find any sort of spoilers for their series in this synopsis, just know it is going to get a little weird.

Silent Story: Clones For Her Birthday - Mia's Birthday is coming up (September 14th!), and Hannah wants to celebrate by giving her a dream unlike any other. This next Silent Story will give Mia all the powers of Hannah, and a lifestyle she can only dream of. What kind of guests can Mia dream for at her sexy birthday party? It could be a star-studded affair. One question looms: who is Mia dreaming of, and who has snuck into her dream in person?

Chronicle: Show and Tell - This short story is void of magical powers, but loaded with exhibitionism, sex, and fun. When Alexis's girlfriend Janet wants to bring her to be her subject on Show and Tell, Alexis knows this means she get to do more than strip for a room full of students. Janet has a backpack full of sex toys. Let's see what fits!

Writing returned, and stories were told. I hope you found them all to be quite sexy.

Episode 37 got a strong push, and is actually quite close to being done. I see no reason why it won't be completed in August. Not sure what else to say about that considering I don't like to spoil anything about Mary or Julia.

So I'll talk about Episode 38 instead, and it's shaping up to be a ton of tiny scenes zipping us through Vanessa's life as a god. From when she first met Nika to faking her death to Isabella and Rebecca and Hannah and Kwame, there's going to be a lot to share. I am really picking and choosing what scenes in this montage of sexiness are going to get a stronger focus while others could just get glossed over quickly. Also tucked in this story are Kwame's origins as a god, so you'll get to enjoy that. Also, I'm glad I finished A Date For The Evening first because I was able to wedge a few of those girls into this story. Sadly, this story doesn't really move the main plot along, rather it's just loaded with sexiness and Vanessa having fun.

What else? Well, I have two stories with ties to the Church of Hannah on the way, the first of which is Show and Tell. You'll get that story in August for sure. There is another new story I pushed to the front which you may or may not see this month. I'm not totally sure yet. I've written a lot for it already and mapped it out, but I'm just not sure if I wanna make it a focus.

That's a pretty full plate for August. I'm sure I'll think of other things. Here's the stuff from last month you might have missed. Don't miss it now:

New Chronicle 'A Date For The Evening'
New Chronicle 'Catch Me If You Can'
Pre-Order Available for 'What Dreams May Come'
Pre-Order Available for 'After School Special'
First issue of 'Godlife Magazine'
New Exhibition 'All Tied Up'
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Enjoy your ongoing adventures in Hannah's universe!

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