6/13/21 - Book Reports now a permanent fixture on the site under Bonus. How about some feedback, gang?
6/11/21 - Bios added for Nicole, Marcus, and Aaron.
6/9/21 - Voting Booth updated! Three kinky stories This Could Be Fun, My Neighbor's Big Secret, and Only One Wish graduated to Coming Soon while new stories Powers of Seduction and Little Black Book have been added!
6/8/21 - New Pre-Order section opening up! Nerd Girls Are Easy gets is current page count extended. What's Tessa up to?
6/7/21 - Two new photos added to Hannah's A Walk In The Park.
6/6/21 - Kwame, Lisa, and Alice's Sagas added and their Bios have been updated!

6/5/21 - It's here! It's here! Oh my Hannah, it's here! Read Higher Learning now and get back on track with the Main Saga!
6/5/21 - 50 new Cards Added!
6/5/21 - Bonus Features have been added to Bus Ride.

6/1/21 - New Exhibition Checking Out has been added. It's Vanessa's chance to strut, that is until she gets distracted.

5/22/21 - New Exhibition Tempting Fate has been added. Tiffany has some fun, but seems to have forgot she is invisible.
5/21/21 - The Timeline has been updated with more details, including all the Exhibitions which have been released. Everything has a place.

5/21/21 - New Quickie For Fuck's Sake has been added. Sophia's in for it now!
5/18/21 - New Curves Gallery open in the Art Gallery. There's 46 images to start, with more planned. Enjoy the bodies of the gods (and others)!
5/17/21 - 50 more Cards added, including Bonus Features for Episode 30! If you've read Episode 30, we've made sure Jade's Bio is working. You may not have been able to see it.

Here are some great stories and projects on the horizon! Release dates are subject to change, but we'll try and hit them!
Chronicle: A Date For The Evening - In a time when there were no other gods to play with, Vanessa had to conjure up some sexy friends. I expect this story to be completed.

Episode 45: Cadet Lynn's Return - Pre-Order - This story is a direct sequel to Episode 36: Higher Learning, and it offers no spoilers for any of the episodes in between, so why not release it? It's also a very sexy parody of Star Trek: The Next Generation (which helped originally inspire Hannah).

Episode 37: What Dreams May Come - Pre-Order - Moving right along, let's get back to Mary and Julia's story. Obviously, you aren't going to find any sort of spoilers for their series in this synopsis, just know it is going to get a little weird.

  Caption Remastering - The caption section is being remastered with a new style. Don't worry, all the current Captions will remain, they're just getting fixed up. This new style will also allow for quicker creation of new Captions in the future.

Finally, the Main Saga continues...

Episode 36: Higher Learning is finally done, and we can all get back to the saga. It has been fun making all these 3D art, revamping the website, exploring comics and captions and Cards and all sorts of other things, but the main reason this website exists is the Saga, so let's get back to that. Being that this is the first Episode to be released after the influx of 3D art, it is loaded with Bonus Features already, and there are more to come. I will say that you shouldn't expect this amount of 3D art for all stories going forward, but this one in particular demands it.

The Saga won't go back to sleep as Episode 37 is started, and it is a bit shorter and more 'in scope'. It will have a far smaller cast of characters as it is a trip back to Mary's story and what she is up to. It also will be weird, has a bit more sex than her previous adventures, and is therefore labeled 'Extra Kinky'. It's meant to get weird. Expect it to get weird.

What else? Well, Vanessa's Chronicle 'A Date For The Evening' will be released very soon, and there's plans for a Quickie featuring Anna Devine! The Coming Soon page is loaded with ideas and plans I hope to stick through this month. Cheer me on with feedback, okay?

And so, here's the stuff from last month you might have missed. Don't miss it now:

Episode 36 Available!
New Exhibition Let's Go To The Mall
New Exhibition Tempting Fate
New Exhibition Checking Out
New Quickie God's Good Graces
New Quickie For Fuck's Sake
Life On Evos #1: When Hailey Met Sally
• New Curves and Prints sections added to Art Gallery
• +20 New Vintage Pin Ups
• +100 New Cards Added
• Bonus Features added for Bus Ride, The Majestic Ms. Devine, and Burning Desires

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