Hannah Deangelo
Is this teenager actually God, or just born with ‘gifts’?
Power Level 100%
Birthday 8/7/96
Home City Chicago, Illinois
Current City Chicago, Illinois
Favorite Powers Flying, Cloning, Telekinesis, Teleportation, Creation
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As if by accident, Hannah Deangelo was born with strange abilities, gifts, or to put it quite frankly: supernatural powers. As a toddler, she was telepathic, telekinetic, could heal the sick, and even fly, and her powers did not stop growing. Hidden far from society by her parents, Hannah’s powers multiplied over and over again: teleportation, mind control, and even creating things out of thin air or turning into animals. Soon, Hannah’s parents could no longer hide their daughter’s powers, and the world learned of the ‘magical girl’, a girl who by just ten years of age seemed to have limitless powers.

Now invincible, immortal, and able do anything she pleased, the world wonders if this little girl is a witch, a demon, an alien, or was she simply some kind of all-powerful god living on Earth. Unsure of her role, the now nineteen year-old girl with god-like powers has respected the free-will and the rights of others, and has even gone so far as to cure the world of almost all crime, disease, and famine with a snap of her finger. But when she becomes curious about intimacy, love, and sex, the teenager with the powers of a god cannot help but abuse her infinite power to make herself the most beautiful blonde on Earth, kicking off a quest to explore all forms of sex. After all, when you can do anything, you’ll try everything.
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