You can learn a lot about all the characters that appear throughout Omnipotence through these detailed Bio Pages. Not only that, but Bio Pages are updated as you check off stories on your Collection Page, adding new details, character development, and sometimes images! Some Bios are hidden to avoid spoilers, but if you navigate from one Bio to another, you can find some of them. Browse at your own risk!

Born with infinite 'magical powers' to do with as she pleases, there are many in the world who think that this girl is God. But does she think so? Not really. She just wants to have fun like any normal teenager, and use her powers to help her achieve that fun.

Vengence lives in the form of a real person, and that person is Nika: Hannah's God of Judgment. Having lived an abusive life already, Nika was reborn and given the power to destory evil with evil. A living demon, witch, or whatever you fear, Nika never thinks twice about murdering those who murder.

Meet the ultimate MILF. Rebecca (Hannah's God of Beauty) loves sex, loves to parade around in tiny outfits, and does her best to hide her wild, magical life from her own children! Her husband knows about her magical powers, but he has no idea she is cheating on him with just about everyone in town.

A former slave taken from the 1840s and brought to the present day by Hannah and turned into the God of Order, Kwame keeps the other gods in line and brings calm to chaos. He is kind, caring, compasionate, honest, and loved by all the gods for obvious reasons.

Celeste is that wild, hot, fun-loving teenager you just couldn't take your eyes off of, only she is also the God of Love. Homeless and happy, Celeste zips around the world as a 'cupid' or angel and helps people fall in love, that is, when she's not trying to be a part of their love-making.

If you've ever wanted to get beat up by a bimbo, Tiffany's your girl. This chubby college girl became the God of Fate and transformed herself into the world's hottest supermodel. This god is tasked with correcting karma ... at least when she's not posing nude for some magazine.

Sometimes called 'The Mother of the Gods' because of her maturity and professionalism, the God of Power is the wealthiest person in the world and uses her divine power to crush horrible companies while helping respectable ones. Vanessa is also very much a hedonist and loves sex with beautiful women.