Nika Yin
An abused woman who became a vengeful god.
Power Level 99%
Birthday 11/4/1917
Home City Unknown
Current City Unknown
Favorite Powers Teleportation, Telekinesis, Body Morphing, Invisibility, Invulnerability
Fun Facts Demonic queen; Hannah's God of Judgment; actually one hundred years old; once offered the chance to be 'God', but turned it down; lives on her own planet she created; married to Scarlett; longs for Hannah to rule over all
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Nika’s life is not a happy story. Born into sexual slavery in the late 1910s, the Japanese child was passed around from kingpin to business tycoon and abused for most of her life. Clearly a beautiful young girl, Nika was a prize to anyone who owned her, finding herself treated as property instead of a person. Only when she became old and used was she cast out into the cold to die. After surviving into her 90s, Nika was visited by the newly revealed magical girl Hannah Deangelo and given unbelievable powers, powers that allowed her to not only revert her age back into that of a thirty-two year-old woman of unparalleled beauty, but also powers that gave her the means to get revenge on not only those who wronged her, but those who wronged anyone. Tasked with the duty of doing the unspeakable acts the young Hannah did not want to commit, Nika zips around the world as a ghost of vengeance, taking any form she desires as she personally deals with the worst of mankind. Nika could be a heart attack, a stroke, or a cancer. She might be a hurricane, a wildfire, or even simply visit those who desire some personal attention. Nika believes Hannah is in fact the one, true God, and longs for the day when Hannah takes her throne and rules mankind. Until then, she is Hannah’s advisor, friend, and lesbian lover.

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Alter Ego


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