What's next for Hannah and her friends? Find out here! All dates are subject to change.
UPDATED 12-29-20
As of right now, the goal is still to finish what areas are left of the site and what stories have been started but not finished. There are several loose ends around the website, and they must be squashed and completed! Here's what's being worked on now.
This story is only about 1/3 the way done! It is feverishly planned out, which we hope will make it easy to complete once the writing resumes. This is a story you simply cannot miss, so preorder now.
Another great story that sadly lost its way, is only about 1/3 the way done, and also feverishly planned out. Tessa's adventure is not one to miss and is still full of magical fun.
Another story that needs to get completed. It is honestly not too far off and could be the first new release.
Custom Stories
The end of Flash means the Custom Stories have lost some of their cool custom features. They all need to be adjusted to compensate for this great loss. Not my fault!

What can we expect from Hannah and friends in the months to come? A lot. Here's a taste.
It has been a while since we saw what happened with Mary and Julia, so let's get back to their story and move it along.
This may not been the story originally planned to be next, but it is a story I'm eager to get out there. Besides, I need to write something wild, and this one gets wild.
Here's a shorter story I'd like to just knock out. I hope you find it enjoyable and surprising.
The new bios are meant to be updated as you mark more stories as 'read', but most of them don't reflect that. This tag remains here until they are all up to speed, including info from Chronicles and Quickies!

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