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What's next for Hannah and her friends? Find out here! All dates are subject to change,
and this is just a general list to keep things organized and not really a 'queue'.

UPDATED 1-1-22

All Patrons the access to the Coming Soon Grid stored on Google Docs which is updated often.
Consolidate and Complete
As mentioned before, the goal of 2023 is to have more Consolidation of the site. I need less spin-off ideas and categories and more of just what already exists. Some experiments failed, and some took off far bigger than I had anticipated. The first thing I will aim to tidy up is all the Bio Pages. I'll be refreshing some Bio Images and making sure everyone has a nice, clean, crisp bio. From there, the Art Gallery will be come a strong focus as some galleries will be "completed" and shelved.

As far as Complete goes, I'll be really working hard to complete unfinished Pre Order stories before giving you guys anything new. There are a few stories that are actually close to being done that are NOT on the Pre Order menu yet, and those might jump ahead of others. There is also a strong goal of moving away from Chronicles and instead pushing the Episodes more. The Saga must be complete before the world ends!

On another note, the Hannah/Sabrina comic will be rebooted and then shelved. Why? Well, I have a better idea of turning the Infinite Adventures into just that: more adventures with more characters. While the original Hannah/Sabrina issue will remain, I will be doing other comics with other gods, each of them a single issue/offshoot idea. If you have already purchased the original Hannah/Sabrina comic, you won't have to do it again. One last thing: there's an old Hannah/Sabrina comic about them being strippers for a night some of you may recall. It was created by another artist. I will be also recreating that one and extending it for more fun! Expect that to appear some time in 2023.
Hannah and Rebecca team up in a very sexy, disguise-filled romp. Happy to take the young god on an adventure, Rebecca flies Hannah all over the world to crash several holiday events while trying out a few new looks.

Tiffany's first trip into the wild gets the 3D upgrade! This is almost ready. I just wanna give it another pass and maybe add a few words.

Ms. Wallace gets a visit from her old student Dani Thomas who has been turned into an angel since graduating from the Church of Hannah. What else can Dani do?

Vanessa's life has gone through some changes ever since she became a god, so let's explore her life and witness some of the sexy, magical events of her past. This story will be completed in after the holiday-themed stories.

The legendary Anna Devine issue of Plaything Magazine will be yours in all it's glory! This real (digital) magazine will have more than just 20 pics of Anna. Expect a lot of babes from 1975! I'm trying to design a real magazine, so this is taking a little while. A lot of the art is rendered out.

Get Kelly's backstory and understand a bit more as to why she is the way she is. Is she really the villain? Maybe. Maybe not. Of note: This story has an epic conclusion that I think will break your brain. Hopefully not literally.

After "Rise To Power"
Super-sexy blonde Sasha Hart has shapeshifting powers, and she loves to play with them around the city at night. What kind of adventures can she go on when she can become anything or anyone?

After "Rise To Power"
Meet Vanna: Half Vanessa, Half Hannah. She is so bossy that even reality obeys her demands. Yet upon realizing she sleeps alone, this foxy vixen decides to go find a wife.

After "Going With The Flow"
Nika flies back to Kyuka to defend it from alien invaders who are discovering it for the first time. What can an entire alien armada do against an invincible god? Nika has some fun in deep space while we learn the story behind her marriage to Scarlett.

After "A Great Awakening"
Chronicle: Coffee And Cream One of Rebecca's kinkiest mortal friends is Keri Williams, a local milf who wants to get as weird as her new magical friend. It is during a shared afternoon that Rebecca tries to push this beautiful blonde to new limits, and Keri doesn't seem to want to stop. How weird can they get?

Chronicle: Simply Irresistable While attending a very boring party she isn't sure why she was invited to, Vanessa meets a young woman who is even more beautiful, more seductive, and more mysterious then herself. Doing her best to hide her powers, Vanessa finds herself powerless against a wealthy, young trophy wife who wants her first lesbian experience to be with the famed billionaire.