Vanessa Crawford
A billionaire businesswoman who is secretly a living god.
Appears ... 36 years old
Birthday 7/26/1979
Power Level 99%
Home City Atlanta, Georgia
Current City Unknown
Can ... do anything she wants. She is omnipotent.
Likes to ... turn into a ghost; create lovers and assistants out of thin air; be surrounded by beautiful women; have lesbian sex with Tiffany; buy companies; play in Rebecca's pocket realities.
Fun Facts Businesswoman; Hannah's God of Power; lives a very public life as a billionaire; appears regularly on television; keeps her godlike powers a secret from the public; viewed as the 'mother' of Hannah's Pantheon; The only god who claims herself to be a lesbian (despite the fact they all have sex with men and women all the time); faked her death to get out of her previous life as a secretary; loves being a 'ghost' as a result
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Vanessa's Story
A lowly secretary who was abused by her job and her husband was given a new offer as a god by Nika and Hannah, a offer she was not about to refuse. Instantly equipped with infinite power at her fingertips (including but not limited to the ability to fly, travel anywhere in the world in a zip of light, and read the minds of anyone in the world at any time), Vanessa faked her death so she could escape her old job, horrible husband, and her religious parents so she could finally be what she knew she was: a lesbian. Able to do as she pleased, Vanessa created a new body for herself which no one from her past life would recognize and began using her new powers to give herself more power in the business world. Through careful manipulation, Vanessa harnessed the stock markets, made herself millions upon millions, and then went to work crushing the cruel corporate world one horrible business at a time. Now insanely rich and fabulously famous, yet well aware of the fact that she must hide her supernatural powers from the public, Vanessa lives a public life a glamorous tycoon who longs to clean up the corporate world and surround herself with beautiful women (both real women and women she might have just snapped into existence for fun).

When she is not on television talking about her ideas for the future of business and investments, Vanessa is secretly an omnipotent being who lives in luxury at one of her many homes around the world as well as an invisible ghost who literally haunts her competition. Unable to be seen in public due to her fame, Vanessa has found a new love of 'ghosting' around when she is trying to avoid the spotlight, able to fly freely through walls and offices while completely invisible. Passionate, proud, and a lover of the finer things in life, Vanessa lives two lives quite perfectly: one of that as a famed, billionaire, businesswoman who all those below her admire and see as the perfect boss, and the other as a ghostly, godlike being who enjoys passionate, glorious sex with beautiful women, sometimes men, and of course, always tries to find the time to enjoy her fellow gods. If there is one god who knows how to manage both her 'mortal' and divine lives, it is Vanessa.
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