Rebecca Larson
A married, mother-of-two who became a magical M.I.L.F.
Power Level 99%
Birthday 2/26/1972
Home City Dallas, Texas
Current City South Lake Tahoe, Nevada
Favorite Powers Teleportation, Age Morphing, Body Morphing, Invisibility, Intangibility, Cloning
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As an older, overweight woman who never knew what it was like to be beautiful, the magical teenager Hannah Deangelo felt Rebecca would be the perfect woman to make the world a more beautiful place for Hannah knew she would appreciate such things more than others. Unable to contain her joy, or her lust, this married, mother-of-two chose herself as the first thing she wanted to change about the world, transforming herself into the most beautiful mom in the world and quickly embracing her new powers to their fullest.

When she isn’t out making flowers bloom and decorating the planet with fauna, this forty-two year-old bombshell is showing off her new looks, seeking out the attention and admiration her old body deprived her of. Yet still married and with teenage children, Rebecca must hide her powers and her sexual appetites from her old life while sneaking out during the day to make the world a more beautiful place. Quickly enjoying her life as a god far more than her life as a married, stay-at-home wife, Rebecca abuses her powers and cheats on her husband over and over again with hot, young, college boys, sexy cheerleaders, and anyone who acknowledges her as the pinnacle of the term ‘M.I.L.F.’. (Plus, it’s easy to cheat when you can float right through solid walls like some kind of ‘ghost mom’.)

Yet above all else, there is nothing Rebecca seems to love more than a sexy vacation with her fellow god Celeste: a horny teenager who is just as powerful as she is, and who would love nothing more than to give this hot M.I.L.F. the fuck of her life.
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