Here's the list of past entries which have been taken off the main page to save space.
8/10/21 - 53 New Cards added! Bonus Features for Higher Learning, A Date For The Evening, Catch Me If You Can, and Magical Tennis Match.
8/9/21 - A Bio Page for new girl Dani Thomas has been added! Content coming very soon.
8/5/21 - 6 more photos added to All Tied Up.

7/31/21 - What Dreams May Come has been updated with 60 more pages! Let's get wild!

7/28/21 - Catch Me If You Can is now available for Download. I almost was able to release this story on the actual day it takes place. Close enough. Enjoy this fun romp.
7/27/21 - Five more Prints added to the Art Gallery.

7/25/21 - Happy Birthday, Kelly! All Tied Up is now available! It's Kelly's exhibition that may not be as public as the other Exhibitions, but you won't complain, right? It also ties into Episode 36 quite nicely. If you haven't read Episode 36, it doesn't matter too much. Just enjoy.

7/18/21 - Catch Me If You Can is now available for Pre-Order. This fun romp is moving along fast! Could be completed by the end of the month.

7/16/21 - After School Special is now available for Pre-Order. You think you can handle Rebecca's taboo mind? Let's put it to the test! If you like ultra-kinky fun between a horny milf and younger teens, get ready. Admittedly, this is just the opening scenes. The real action is yet to come.

7/13/21 - What Dreams May Come is now available for Pre-Order. It's just a little segment, but the entire story is outlined and moving quick. Expect some surprises.

7/12/21 - A Date For The Evening is now available for download. It went a bit longer than expected, but I doubt you'll complain about that.
7/6/21 - 7 more photos added to Godlife Magazine #1.

7/4/21 - The first issue of Godlife Magazine has started. More pages to be added. You can help write the articles within! Check out the photographer's work and create your Captions for Coins.
6/29/21 - Bios got a updated/upgraded. Artwork has been moved to separate search pages to save on some load times. You can now see galleries of any girl directly. More to come.
6/26/21 - New Memory game added! You are now earning Game Credits every day you visit the site. Memory has also been added as a Custom Button.
6/26/21 - Art Gallery Discounts added to all Patreon levels!
6/24/21 - A new Caption has been added to Study Session.
6/24/21 - A new photo has been added to A Walk In The Park.
6/24/21 - Six new Prints added. Just get 'em. They're only 100 Coins each.
6/24/21 - A few days were taken to make the Mobile and Tablet experiences better. For those that use that method to browse the site, I hope you see a lot of improvements! Now, back to writing.

6/22/21 - I went ahead and made the Pre-Order for A Date For The Evening available. It really is almost done, maybe just a few days away, but I am trying to push Pre-Orders as a 'thing'. You can start reading it now.

6/21/21 - New Exhibition Available: With A Blue Dress On! It's a simple little 'joke' that fits right in with the characters. The question is: who is it about?
6/20/21 - The new HTML5 Slot Machine is here! We hope to continue to make it even fancier over time, but for now, its fully functional. Some of the rules have changed.

6/19/21 - New Pre-Order Available: Episode 44: The Cadet's Cosmic Game! Don't worry about skipping ahead on this one. This is a direct sequel to Episode 36 and offers no spoilers for any Episode in between. You can start reading this sexy Star Trek-themed story now! 15,000 words available.
6/18/21 - The Captions Section has been revamped, and two new Captions have been added. This new format will make it easier to make Captions in the future.
6/13/21 - Book Reports now a permanent fixture on the site under Bonus. How about some feedback, gang?
6/11/21 - Bios added for Nicole, Marcus, and Aaron.
6/9/21 - Voting Booth updated! Three kinky stories This Could Be Fun, My Neighbor's Big Secret, and Only One Wish graduated to Coming Soon while new stories Powers of Seduction and Little Black Book have been added!
6/8/21 - New Pre-Order section opening up! Nerd Girls Are Easy gets is current page count extended. What's Tessa up to?
6/7/21 - Two new photos added to Hannah's A Walk In The Park.
6/6/21 - Kwame, Lisa, and Alice's Sagas added and their Bios have been updated!

6/5/21 - It's here! It's here! Oh my Hannah, it's here! Read Higher Learning now and get back on track with the Main Saga!
6/5/21 - 50 new Cards Added!
6/5/21 - Bonus Features have been added to Bus Ride.

6/1/21 - New Exhibition Checking Out has been added. It's Vanessa's chance to strut, that is until she gets distracted.

5/22/21 - New Exhibition Tempting Fate has been added. Tiffany has some fun, but seems to have forgot she is invisible.
5/21/21 - The Timeline has been updated with more details, including all the Exhibitions which have been released. Everything has a place.

5/21/21 - New Quickie For Fuck's Sake has been added. Sophia's in for it now!
5/18/21 - New Curves Gallery open in the Art Gallery. There's 46 images to start, with more planned. Enjoy the bodies of the gods (and others)!
5/17/21 - 50 more Cards added, including Bonus Features for Episode 30! If you've read Episode 30, we've made sure Jade's Bio is working. You may not have been able to see it.

5/16/21 - New Comic Series Life On Evos has started. Get the first Episode now, and explore this wild, new world.
5/15/21 - New Prints section added to the Art Gallery! These are just covers and some of my favorite renders stripped of text for your enjoyment. They're very cheap, so no reason to not buy them all.
5/12/21 - "Tending Bar" got a new photo added! Thanks for funding this series! Keep funding, and more photos will be added.
5/9/21 - 20 new Vintage Pin Ups added. You can now browse Vintage Pin Ups by character!

5/8/21 - New Quickie God's Good Graces has been added. Expect more from this new 'relationship'.
5/4/21 - Celeste's Exhibition Let's Go To The Mall is now available!
5/2/21 - Hannah's Exhibition A Walk In The Park is now available!
4/30/21 - New Photo Fund option added to Exhibitions! You can now 'Crowdfund' more photos for completed Exhibitions. All new photos included in your original purchase!
4/30/21 - Previews added for the next two Exhibitions starring Hannah and Celeste! Expect them in about a week.
4/27/21 - Four new stories added to the Vote page.
4/27/21 - Bio Banners for Jade, Julia, Scarlett, Sabrina, and Señora Ramos! Also, new Bio Pics for Jade and Lisa.
4/26/21 - "Suburban Secrets" got a minor cover change. No change to the story.
4/26/21 - New Bios for Yuri, Nikki, and Kim Yun Hee. They're fairly small bios, but it's nice to have them here!

4/24/21 - The first Exhibition is now available! More Rebecca! More! More! More!
4/23/21 - Timeline Page updated with new style and new info!

4/22/21 - New Quickie Suburban Secrets is here! Check out this kinky quickie featuring Rebecca. It's a bit of a prequel to Episode 27.

4/19/21 - Episode 36: Higher Learning is now available for preorder! The price will go up upon completion! There is also some interesting character development at the end of this preorder segment you surely don't want to miss.
4/18/21 - 20 new Vintage Pin Ups added!
4/17/21 - 30 new Cards to reach a total of 100 this month! Enjoy the new pics!
4/14/21 - 20 new Cards added, including a few Bonus Features for Not Another Bimbo. More to come!
4/14/21 - A few Bio Image updates and Banner updates for Hannah, Becky, Vanessa, Mary, and Alexis.

4/12/21 - Need more Vanessa? Not Another Bimbo is now available! It's a short story, but will be loaded with Bonus Features at a later date!
4/12/21 - Sunday School has a new 3D cover and a new .pdf update to download. Per the request of some of you, the original 2D cover is included at the end of the story/download. All Chronicles will slowly be getting this treatment over time.
4/12/21 - 50 new Cards added! Bonus features for The Trailhead, Shopping Strip, and Sunday School! More coming for not just these stories, but others as well.

4/6/21 - Right Up Her Alley is now available! It's 160 pages of kinky fun. I even impressed myself!
4/5/21 - Several "Voting" Stories have graduated to "Coming Soon". Did your picks make it?
4/5/21 - Collection Page updated to actually display stats better. I've also added some helpful [?] blocks.
4/5/21 - New Comic Thumbnail Viewer makes it easier to zip around in a comic, and still open a comic on a specific page. Hope this helps your browsing. New Silent Story almost ready, so test it out!
4/4/21 - New Saved Spots! I have finally fixed the stupid bookmarking system that didn't seem to work and made Saved Spots. They work like Favorites, but now you can save the page (or group of pages) you left off on. It at least narrows it down to within 5 pages, which is kind of the best I can do. Hope this helps.
4/2/21 - More improvements to how you view artwork on the website! Hopefully things are easier to see! The bigger, the better!
3/31/21 - Vinage Pin Ups now added to all Bios!
3/31/21 - 25 new Vintage Pin Ups have been added!
3/31/21 - Advanced Previews and Exhibitions added to Custom Buttons menu.
3/31/21 - Raphael's Saga added to his bio! Bio updated and adjusted as well.

3/24/21 - A new Chronicle! Rebecca and Tiffany go for a hike in the tiniest bikinis they can conjure up, and even that seems like too much clothes as they are naked and fucking once they find a private spot.
3/23/21 - Becky's Saga added to her bio!
3/18/21 - Erica's Saga added to her bio!
3/18/21 - Preview for Right Up Her Alley posted! Be sure not to miss this 100+ image series due April 1st! It's pretty wild and full of kinky sex.
3/16/21 - Alice's Bio added!
3/16/21 - Sabrina, Scarlett, Valerie, Luke, Petra and Anna's Sagas all added! Various corrections to other bios also taken care of.
3/12/21 - 52 Banners added to the Bio Page (finally). Will you ever see them all? They're placed at random!
3/11/21 - Caption Contest Winners Announced!
3/11/21 - 25 new Vintage Pin Ups have been added!
3/8/21 - MINOR RETCON / CONTINUITY FIX. While trying to sync up new stories with old ones, I noticed the art in Episode 31 did not match the new comic Friends With Benefits. Since this is mostly just a visual error, I went ahead and adjusted pages 94 and 95 of Episode 31. The story is totally the same. Feel free to download this update if you own the story.
  3/5/21 - New Chronicle: Lunch Meeting! Things are not what they seem when hot assistant Monica craves office sex from her powerful boss.
3/5/21 - Monica's Bio has been added!
3/4/21 - My Stepmom Is From Space has been added to the Voting Page. If you can't get enough of Becky and Rebecca fucking each other like crazy in taboo scenarios, then be sure to dump all your Coins into voting for this. Also, Night With A Witch has graduated to Coming Soon!
3/2/21 - Gifts have now been added to the Site! These will be fun to toss out occasionally, and you might even find a few random Gifts around the website. If you click Here today, you'll get a neat free one!
3/2/21 - Ten new 'Caption This' caption options added! Share your creativity with us and put your own spin on Hannah and her friends.
2/28/21 - Viewing Cards on Story Pages is now quicker!
2/28/21 - 100 new Cards Added! Bonus Features for 'A Gift From God', 'Study Session', and 'The Genie's Wishes' all added, plus a few more for 'A Magical Storm'. That's a lot of content!
  2/27/21 - New Quickie: Roadside Assistance! A helpful traveler gets a bit more than he expects from a lost teenager with an epic rack.
2/24/21 - You can now browse Cards by Girl!
2/22/21 - +38 New Vintage Pin Ups!
  2/22/21 - New Quickie: An Unexpected Encounter! A burglar ends up trying to rob the wrong house.
2/20/21 - Tamika and Celani's Bios added! If you've read their stories, you already have them!
2/16/21 - Vintage Pin Up Gallery added to Custom Buttons!
2/16/21 - New Vintage Pin Up Gallery with thanks to artist Diobo! More to come!
2/14/21 - Coming Soon page gets updated with two stories you voted on! Thanks for voting!
2/11/21 - All Custom Stories are back! New Covers and Story Art will be updated in time, but the text is all working!
2/10/21 - More Custom Stories return! Enjoy "Extreme Narcissism" and "The Power of Suggestion"!
2/9/21 - Jackie and Mia's Bios get updated with all their new Cards!
2/9/21 - 50 more Cards added! Bonus Features for The World Of Porn, A Magical Storm, and Drunk With Powers!
2/9/21 - More Custom Stories return! Enjoy "Tonight's Homework", "Sex On The Brain", and "Magic Fingers"!
2/8/21 - Custom Stories are making a comeback, and with 3D Covers! More of the classics will be added as the weeks go on. Enjoy "In The Air Tonight" and "Hide And Seek" again right now!
1/30/21 - Celeste's Saga has been added to her Bio. Her Bio has also been updated.
  1/30/21 - New Chronicle: After Hours! This story comes with some great Bonus Features and a substaintial update to Sasha's bio, so don't miss it. There will be sequels!
1/29/21 - Bonus Features added to several Quickies. They now appear on your Unlocked Features page.
1/29/21 - Bonus Features and Notes added to Quickie: Polka Dot Bikini
1/29/21 - Bonus Features added to Episode 8: Extra Lives
1/29/21 - 50 More Cards added. Be sure to Refresh and make sure your data is up to date!
1/28/21 - New stories "This Could Be Fun" and "Untitled Sasha Sequel" added to the Voting Booth. Make them happen!
1/25/21 - Nika's Saga added. Bio Updated!
1/25/21 - Tiffany's Saga added. Bio Updated!
  1/24/21 - New Quickie: Just Visiting!
1/24/21 - Downloads for Silent Stories has been fixed.
1/24/21 - All Quickies updated with 3D Covers!
1/21/21 - The option to convert Tokens to Coins has returned to the Bonus Page.
1/20/21 - The Voting Booth gets an upgrade. Now you can sort between categories and vote for your favorites in each one. When it comes time to move stories to Coming Soon, I'll be looking at the tops of each category, not just the top of the overall list.
1/18/21 - "Perfect Marriage", "Horny Housecalls", and "Evening Prayers" get Bonus Features!
1/18/21 - Six new Captions Added
1/14/21 - "Role Playing Games" added to the Voting Booth
1/14/21 - Five Bonus Cards added to Shopping Strip!
1/14/21 - Sasha gets a Bio! Read 'Shopping Strip' to unlock it!
1/14/21 - Silent Stories now added to your Collection Page. Check them off to get credit for current and future bonus features!
1/14/21 - Rebecca's Bio updated with new Cards!
1/14/21 - Vanessa's Bio updated with new Cards!
1/14/21 - Episode 22 gets Author Notes and Spoiler Synopsis. It will take a while to do this for every story, but I will get there slowly!
1/14/21 - Episode 2 and Episode 22 get Bonus Cards!
1/13/21 - Feedback options added to All Stories. Send us some love!
1/13/21 - New Coin Shop Added to help you spend your Coins!
1/13/21 - Two new stories added to the Voting Booth. Ideas keep coming!
1/13/21 - Vikki's Saga added!
1/12/21 - 'Caption This' section added to Interactive! Recaption images and share!
1/12/21 - Episode 19 Bonus gets Bonus Content and Señora Ramos gets her Saga added.
1/12/21 - Mary and Julia get Sagas added to their bios!
1/12/21 - Episode 7 Bonus and Episode 14 get Bonus Content!
1/12/21 - There are now 300 Cards available! Some will become unlocked as they are distributed across stories and Unlockable Features.
1/10/21 - Bios for Daisy, Valerie, Tabitha, Anna, Jade, and Sophia are now unlockable.
1/10/21 - Nina, Alexis, Sophia, Kristi, Daisy, and Mia's pages get Sagas.
1/9/21 - Altered the front page a bit, but you don't care about that stuff, hu?
1/9/21 - "Too Drunk To Care", "Night With A Witch", and "Purple and Pink" are added to the Voting Booth. Some classic ideas that fell through the cracks. Some might remember one of those.
1/9/21 - Download errors fixed.
1/8/21 - Story Search returns, but only searches Episodes for now. Working on upgrading that. Also Story Search and Voting Booth added to Custom Buttons.
1/8/21 - "Only One Wish" and "Best Friends Forever" are added to the Voting Booth. Check out these kinky ideas!
1/7/21 - Voting Booth returns.
1/7/21 - 25 New Banners added to Comic Pages and 40 to the Interactive Pages.
1/4/21 - 25 New Banners added to Main and Bonus Pages.
12/31/20 - Production Log started.
12/31/20 - Select Patreon Levels now have Full Access to Captions!
12/31/20 - New Saga Spoiler Button added to Bios.
12/31/20 - More Coins per Day for All Patreon Levels.
12/31/20 - New Patreon Benefits in effect.
12/30/20 - Jackie's Saga and Cards Added to Bio!
12/30/20 - Vanessa's Saga and Cards Added to Bio!
12/30/20 - Bio Images will now update based upon your progress through the Main Series. You can still see old Bio Images. More to come as art is created!
12/30/20 - New Bio Images for Mary, Rebecca, Daisy, Vikki, Nina, and others.
12/30/20 - Natalia's Bio now unlockable!
12/30/20 - Mary's Saga Added to Bio!
12/29/20 - 2D Book Cover Gallery returns!
12/29/20 - 2D Posters return!
12/29/20 - Coming Soon page cleaned up and cleared of errors.
12/29/20 - Custom Buttons extended to 10! A few bios have also been added as options for Custom Buttons. Edit them!
12/28/20 - 2D Polaroids return!
12/28/20 - Custom Cards are now being accepted!
12/28/20 - More Cards scattered beside Bio Sagas. Hannah, Rebecca, and Kelly are first to get them.
12/28/20 - Kelly's Bio gets Saga and Cards added!
12/27/20 - 200 Cards Added
12/27/20 - New Thumbnails for Comics / Silent Stories
12/27/20 - Slot Machine Now Available!
12/27/20 - Hannah's Saga Added to Bio!
12/27/20 - Rebecca's Saga Added to Bio!