Celeste Casanova
An runaway teen who became a very real angel.
Power Level 99%
Birthday 1/5/97
Home City Marseille, France
Current City Unknown
Favorite Powers Teleportation, Animal Morphing, Body Morphing, Invisibility, Intangibility, Telekinesis, Gender Bending
Fun Facts Angel; Hannah's God of Love; runaway; youngest of Hannah's gods; has no real 'mortal life' and lives within her powers; has a mortal boyfriend, yet still homeless and loves being homeless; extremely kinky
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Commonly referred to as the 'kinkiest' of the gods, no one has enjoyed being a god more that eighteen year-old Celeste Casanova; a runaway girl whose loving father died and whose mother married a horrible new man, forcing Celeste to literally flee for her life. With no home, no money, and no love from her mother, yet pure hearted, and full of compassion, Celeste was quickly given a new life as a god, gaining amazing powers, immortality, and the task of helping lost souls find love. Now able to use infinite magical powers and be as voluptuous as the older gods despite her young age, Celeste embraces her new powers and begins her new lfe as a god, enjoying the fact she can be an angel, a genie, a mermaid, or just a bubbly teen any time she wants.

Able to do as she pleases, this magical, homeless teen loves her new role as cupid, using her powers to steer oblivious people into each other’s arms. Yet with no normal life, Celeste 'Casanova' lives has found a new home up in the clouds, still very much without a home of her own yet also no longer wanting one. She sleeps in pillows of white clouds, bathes in waterfalls deep in jungles, and hides in plain sight as a tiny bird, butterfly, or even a mouse. Yet also with the raging hormones of a teenager, Celeste cannot resist abusing her godly powers to explore sex much like her fellow teenage god Hannah, only in even more perverse ways. Like Hannah, she is both an immortal god and a teenage girl, yet unlike Hannah, Celeste has no family, no former friends, and nothing to do but live in pleasure. Out of the spotlight that haunts Hannah, Celeste is indeed free to experiment, offering new pleasures to her older gods they might not even be sure if they like, yet cannot deny the pleasures this young god has to offer, especially when this hot, horny teenage girl offers one of her fellow gods her huge, hard, throbbing cock.

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