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Want to own your own piece of The Hannahverse? Here you can buy Extras which appear in the backgrounds of 3D Art and give them their own backstory! It doesn't have to be canonical, but if it is, they get new benefits!

What do you get when you puchase an Extra?
- You own the Extra. You can create/edit their own Bio. It will be public. You can decide if you are listed as the author or not.
- You have the right to use the Extra in your own Non-Canonical Fan-Fiction stories. See below for Canonical Fan-Fiction options.
- You (and only you) have the right to request more renders via Coins. These renders will also be public.
What are the rules for developing an Extra's Bio?
If these rules are not followed, your Extra can be taken away:
- All Extras must be at least eighteen years of age during any/all sexual exploits, canonical or not. If we find your character has been used otherwise, we will remove them from your account.
- Existing canon cannot be changed. All Extras have Canonical information in their Bios created by us.
- Extras cannot have lasting relationships with established characters.
- Extras cannot have powers outside of any established canon.
Following these rules can result in a Canonical Badge for your Extra, and more benefits!
What are the benefits of having a Canonical Badge?
- You can request more 3D renderings at a lower rate.
- Your Extra's Bio is added to existing canonical works for others to find.
- Your Extra's Bio will appear in the Glorified Extras section of the website.
- Extras with Canonical Badges can appear in future works on this website.
- There's a chance your Extra could get powers after all! Maybe they'll get a visit from a god.
I like to write! Can I write about my Extra in the Hannahverse?
Yes, you can write any fan-fiction stories you want using any Hannahverse characters.
Can I add Fan-Fiction stories of my Extra on their Bio?
Only if the story itself is canonical as well. It will be deemed an 'Extra Story'.
Here's some important rules for writing an Extra Story*:
- Do not write about the future. Only write before the Main Plot (September, 2015).
- Do not write about anything near or around the Main Plot.
- Do not write about your Extra meeting a god, a main character, or gaining powers.
- Do not write about your Extra doing things that don't fit into the Hannahverse.
- If you must, you can get away with them 'dreaming' about anything you want. Dreams can break canon, cuz they are dreams.
*Exceptions can be made if deemed acceptable. Contact us with questions or your idea for an Extra story.
I still want to buy an Extra. Who is for sale?
The following Extras are currently for sale. Click for more information: