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When a large business move has to be made before the stock markets close, beautiful billionaire business tycoon Vanessa Crawford and her trusty assistant Yolanda must act quickly to make sure everything goes as things were meant to go, or Ms. Crawford's company might suffer losses. But how did this once mild-mannered, overworked secretary rise to become a billionaire tycoon in just a few years? The secret of course rests in the fact that the voluptuous Ms. Crawford is actually the omnipotent God of Power.

Seeing that Vanessa is the God of Power, she has to do her job and make sure the righteous businesses flourish while the sinister ones crumble ... all without anyone suspecting she is anything other than a powerful businesswoman and not an omnipotent god. Very much a god in the eyes of stock market jockeys, day traders, and her fellow CEOs, no one knows that Vanessa is actually a real god and free to do as she pleases. Enjoying her status in the world while being a god in plain sight, Vanessa's life has been one wild ride after another, from faking her own death upon ascending to omnipotence to finally coming out of the closet as a lesbian after tricking her lazy husband and oppressive family that she was actually dead to using her divine powers to manipulate the stock market and create her vast fortune.

The remarkable woman has indeed had fun climbing to the top of the corporate world, and now its time to tell her story from the beginning.
Features: Cloning, Beautification, Creation of People, Teleporting, Flying, Group Sex
Length: 105,000 Words / 302 Pages
Cost: 600 Tokens
Elite Version: 1.0
Bonuses: 148 Story Images, 15 Saga Cards
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All characters depicted in this story who witness or engage in sexual activity are of eighteen years of age or older. While some episodes may contain violence, they are void of any kind of sexual abuse, unwanted sex, or rape. This is a work of pure fiction and not based on any person living or dead.
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Reader Comments:
“Vanessa is one of the more interesting characters. her backstory explains why she isn't as frivolous as most of the rest of the cast.”
- (Anonymous)
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