A hyper-evolved alien from another universe
Appears ... 18 years old
Birthday N/A
Power Level 75%
Home City Unknown
Current City Unknown
Can ... teleport; fly; alter matter at an atomic level; shapeshift into anything; create people; read minds; control minds; clone
Likes to ... teleport, bug Mark Coleman, have sex with Mark Coleman, be naked, remind Mark that she is older than him despite her teenage appearance.
Fun Facts Is insanely rich; Has never been married; Loves sex with young women, yet proclaims it is all in the name of Hannah; Believes that if he finds Hannah her wife/husband/both, that he will be given immortality in return.
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Jade's Story
If you have not read Episode 30, please stop now. Spoilers abound!

When Earth and its tangible universe was put on trail by a race of energy-based beings from another universe, three of these hyper-evolved creatures were sent to investigate and see if our universe was worth saving. While one of those beings became the mighty and wonderful Anna Devine, another one became the lesser human who was given the name 'Jade'. Equipped with knowledge and abilities that made her appear to normal humans as a god-like being, Jade was tasked with assisting Anna Devine's plan to help save Earth by putting an end to their love affair with war. She became Anna's assistant, her advisor, and of courseo once they realized how fun human bodies were: her lover.

Yet when Anna returned home to speak with her father and the High Minds, Jade was left behind on Earth for over a decade. Living many years as a sexy human, Jade learned much about human relationships, desires, and their true needs outside of just sex and sweaty romps. She found herself wrapped up in a relationship with human Mark Coleman, a relationship in which she portrayed the taller blonde bombshell Juliet Romero so her green-haired appearance and her youthful smile did not turn heads for the wrong reasons.

More will be added once the story is completed. :D
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