Mia Sato
An naive girl who became addicted to sex with the gods.
Appears ... 22 years old
Birthday 9/14/1993
Power Level 0%
Nationality American (Chinese)
Home City Unknown
Current City Chicago, Illinois
Can ... wait for Hannah or Sabrina to come over.
Likes to ... be a sub; post photos of herself online; have sex with Hannah and Sabrina; go out with Hannah and Sabrina; have sex with Hannah when Hannah has a huge penis.
Fun Facts Lonely, shy college girl who bumped into Hannah; 'beautified' by Hannah's power and quickly became addicted to having sex with her; finding fame online thanks to her new body; always submissive, yet always horny
Mia's Story
Mia Sato was just trying to go to college and get her degree, unaware that the magical Hannah Deangelo would soon be wandering around the same campus. For whatever reason, it didn’t take long for Hannah and her friend Sabrina to find the shy Mia, a girl who by all accounts was very ordinary, plain, and somewhat boring. With no explanation as to why she was chosen, Mia was taken off to enjoy lesbian sex with the magical Hannah and her gorgeous friend Sabrina, an experience that forever changed her life (and her body). Quickly in love with the side effects that came with having sex with Hannah: giant breasts, a perfectly toned body, and the astonishing beauty that no other normal twenty-one year-old girl had, Mia started to forget about her studies, post sexy pics of her new body on the internet for the world to enjoy, and literally pray for Hannah to return to her, begging for more sex, more fun, and to further explore her own sexuality. Despite the fact that now every man on campus begged for the sensationally sex Mia to be their girlfriend thanks to her fabulous new body, Mia prayed for Hannah to return to her and be her lover, wishing that Hannah would appear before her and make love to her yet again. The poor girl was forever corrupted by sex with the gods, wondering if one day she would get to become one as well.

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