Mary Miller
A young genius who longs to find the science behind superpowers
Appears ... 20 years old
Birthday Unknown
Power Level 0%
Home City Unknown
Current City Unknown
Can ... ignore everyone.
Likes to ... study; read comics; to experiments; do research.
Fun Facts Genius who has always been obsessed with comic books and superpowers; believes superpowers can be achieved through science; labeled by her parents and teachers as 'smart but crazy'; hired by BioTrek
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Mary's Story
Obsessed with comics and super-powers, young Mary Miller had long convinced herself that such things were possible through science, and dedicated her entire youth to learning all she could abou biology, evolution, and the limits of mankind. Of course such things were foolish, and Mary was rejected again and again by her peers, family, and anyone who accidentally listened to her. Yet her dedication to science and knowledge led her to great academic acclaim, even if her ideas were laughable. A PhD before she was old enough to drink alcohol, Mary was recruited by the government-sponsored science firm BioTech where her new superiors hoped they could tap into her brains while ignoring her theories.

However, once Mary came to BioTech, she flipped the tables on them and instead pursued her theories more than ever, this time with government backing and access to highly volatile chemicals. It is at BioTech where Mary first created a chemical mixture that would ‘evolve’ those who took it, and with no one else to trust, all Mary could do was try it on herself. Through her drug, Mary believes she will gain advanced capabilities such as telepathy, telekinesis, and superhuman strength and speed. If true, what is to stop Mary from taking more of her drug? What other powers can she gain? How powerful does she want to be?
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