Sabrina Rodriguez
God’s hot-headed, hot-blooded, kinky best friend
Appears ... 18 years old
Birthday 5/25/1997
Power Level 20%
Nationality American (Mexican)
Home City Chicago, Illinois
Current City Chicago, Illinois
Can ... fly, read minds, use super-strength, not be hurt
Likes to ... have sex with Hannah; brag about her friendship with Hannah; show off her powers; have a huge penis during sex; get fucked by Hannah when she has a huge penis.
Fun Facts Wild slut; Hannah's best friend; sometimes thought to be Hannah's new girlfriend despite their protests; has a few powers of her own; longs for kinky sex with Hannah whenever she can get it; friends with Mia and Lisa as well
Sabrina's Story
With teenage diva Sabrina Rodriguez learned that the magical Hannah Deangelo was going to her high school, she saw an investment worth her time. Even though Hannah at the time claimed she was no longer using her powers, Sabrina befriended the dorky girl for she knew Hannah’s restraint could not last. When Sabrina was proven right, Hannah gave her only friend powers of her own: the ability to fly, read minds, made Sabrina even hotter than she already was, and even made Sabrina invincible. But while Sabrina is known to the world as ‘God’s best friend’, the ultra-hot babe has aspirations of being God’s girlfriend, especially after Hannah takes her virginity on her eighteenth birthday after Hannah shows off the new, extreme ways she can transform her own gender. A whirlwind romance of extreme sex envelops as the two teenage girls become addicted to each other, hardly able to keep their hands off of each other, even in public. But when the wild latina asks for more sex and more powers, how can Hannah tell her no? Soon Sabrina’s own powers are growing, as is her appetite for sex, finding it easy to get with new abilities such as mind control, teleportation, and body-morphing. Sabrina craves huge tits and giant dicks at all times, well aware that if she can get her in the mood, she can get both from Hannah.

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