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A real estate agent hopes to sell a massive mansion, unaware of who is exactly meeting with him that day to tour the mansion and possibly make an offer. Is this handsome, hunky, and extremely hopeful real estate agent ready for what his client as planned?

What unfolds is an afternoon the handsome man did not expect as a gorgeous, voluptuous, and demanding woman slowly reveals not only the truth of her identity, but more and more of her beautiful body as ‘her boss’ continues to demand her remove her clothes. Out of his mind with desire yet trying to do nothing more than sell this massive home, can the real estate agent resist this strange, beautiful woman's body, charm, grace, and her unbelievable revelations, or will he become lost in her beauty and sucked into her demands?
Features: Straight Sex, Lesbian Tones, Shapeshifting, Breast Expansion, Flight
Length: 38,520 Words / 115 Pages
Cost: 300 Tokens
Elite Version: 1.0
Bonuses: 52 Story Images, 5 Saga Cards
Status: This Episode is a Freebie. You can read it online for free! You have not purchased this Episode and cannot download it.
All characters depicted in this story who witness or engage in sexual activity are of eighteen years of age or older. While some episodes may contain violence, they are void of any kind of sexual abuse, unwanted sex, or rape. This is a work of pure fiction and not based on any person living or dead.
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Lesbian Sex
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Daniel is a big-shot real estate agent who is trying to sell a mega mansion which is just too expensive for most shoppers. Yet billionaire Vanessa Crawford shows up to buy it, shocking him for he had no idea he was meeting the famous beauty. Oddities occur during the tour, including Vanessa quite literally stripping nude and swimming in the giant pool. Happy to explain herself, Vanessa reveals she works for 'The Magical Girl' Hannah Deangelo and is buying it on her behalf. Not only that, but Vanessa has magic of her own and explains Hannah's masterplan to make the universe a better place. However, in a twist Daniel does not realize until it is too late, Vanessa seduces Daniel and shapeshifts into many other women including a busty Asian girl and Daniel's own wife. Blackmail is on the table once Daniel realizes he has to keep both Hannah and Vanessa's secrets safe, otherwise his wife might find out about his cheating ways!

Once the mortals are gone, the God of Beauty Rebecca Larson and the God of Order Kwame show up to discuss future plans.
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This story was selected as the second one in the series due to Vanessa's explaination of Hannah's plans, as well as leaping ahead one year from Episode 1 to show that Hannah has had some new influence in the world. (Clearly we get back to Hannah's origins in Episode 3). This was a good way to introduce Vanessa as well because new readers don't know she is a god.

Some might recognize this title from the TMG days of Hannah, but of course the story is totally different. Roles were swapped for Vanessa (then oddly enough named Jasmine) was the real estate agent and 'some guy' was buying the mansion from a god. Hannah showed up to mess with Jasmine before the buyer showed up. That story is basically dead and replaced with this one.

An entire 'second part' was cut in which Rebecca and Vanessa roleplay in the mansion as a sorceress and an apprentice. This second part will be released as the Chronicle 'Roleplaying Games'.

Reader Comments:
“The new art is effing fantastic. I cant wait to see new art for the rest of the chapters.”
- (Anonymous)
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