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When the God of Beauty Rebecca Larson is out on the town and free to tempt mere mortals, you know she has something sexy planned. It is on this average day that Rebecca visits a clothing store and plans on trying on various skimpy outfits without bothering to use the dressing rooms. Stripping nude in public without a care in the world, the busty mom of divine beauty slips into bikinis, robes, stockings, and more ... and no one seems to notice!

Well, that is except for one man who cannot believe what he is seeing. How is this gorgeous woman able to get away with being butt-naked in the store? For some odd reason, everyone else seems perfectly fine with it.
Features: Exhibitionism, Floating, Intangibility, Ghosting, Gender Bending
Length: 7,000 Images
All characters depicted in this story who witness or engage in sexual activity are of eighteen years of age or older. While some episodes may contain violence, they are void of any kind of sexual abuse, unwanted sex, or rape. This is a work of pure fiction and not based on any person living or dead.