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"I love the fantasy aspects of it. It's like reading a graphic novel, one that treats all the naughty, exciting, and fantastic things that interest me."
- theoneaboveall
"It was new, interesting, and very hard to stop reading. I'm so happy I found it. Criminally underrated. "
- anonymous
"The characters are enjoyable. I like how they have some preference for certain powers (plain ol' mind control being my favorite). I love how much thought and effort you have put into the overarching story. As well as how regularly new, long, and exciting stories gets posted. That's some of my favorite things about your work. Keep it up!"
- matata
"Just read episode 1. OH my god!!!! I loved that story, it was so imaginative. The story is good and the sex is super hot. I truly think that it should be made into a movie of some kind. Looking forward to reading the rest of the episodes."
- Peter
"This is very impressive work, well though out and developed. Excellent character development of Hannah. I am looking forward to reading more episodes."
- Borntosurf11
"Excellent writing! When I discovered your page, I thought ... WOW! I will definitely be reading more of your work!"
- Makor359
"i just started reading the omnipotence saga ... how the fuck have i not seen this before? this is amazing."
- anonymous
"WOW! I just saw your work. I have to say that it's freaking amazing."
- KefkraRowan