Petra's God

Secret Lover
Petra Voronova
A wealthy, retired porn-star turned sex-cult queen
Appears to be ... 47
Can ... host some really sexy parties.
Likes to ... have sex with Erica; have sex with anyone; be naked; worship Hannah; host sexy parties for other famous porn stars; seduce straight women; seduce gay men.
Fun Facts Legendary pornstar who now worships Hannah as God; operates a mighty sex-cult outside of Moscow free from the rule of law; attracts several lovers from around the world, including demigods; longs for Erica Milani to be her wife
Birthday 9/12/1968
Power Level 0%
Home City Unknown
Current City Moscow, Russia
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Wild Petra was the queen of porn for decades, always the first name that came to mind when idea of porn came up in conversation. But when the young Hannah Deangelo revealed her powers to the world, Petra became enlightened upon hearing of the existence of God, divorced her husband, and quickly moved back to Russia to become more spiritual. Yet Petra’s path was not exactly what one might expect as she took her millions of dollars to buy a massive mansion and devote it to pleasure, inviting old friends from the porn industry, and new friends she had met along the way, to bask in extreme hedonism as part of her cult 'The Order of Angels'.

The existence of God had convinced the now self-proclaimed ‘priestess’ to devote her own life to pure bliss, even if that bliss came from having an all-girl orgy in a giant pool of whipped cream. Extremely uninhibited, Petra’s lust only grew once she learned that the now eighteen year-old Hannah had started to embrace sexual pleasures as well, believing that this only justified her perverse lifestyle. The meetings of beautiful men and women started to become more and more religious as Petra and her porn-star friends began to pray to Hannah and thank them for their orgies, unaware that Hannah and her demigods were not only watching, but participating.

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