Dr. Nora Carson
The legendary Dean of the Church of Hannah
Appears ... 37 years old
Birthday N/A
Power Level 0%
Home City Unknown
Current City Unknown
Can ... teach any subject she feels like; come and go as she pleases from the Church of Hannah: Texas; host sex parties on campus;
Likes to ... strut, show off her epic breasts, have sex with her students, have sex with Marcus Millbrook: the founder of the Church of Hannah, get gangbanged.
Fun Facts Enjoys all forms of sex with men and women; Often mistakenly viewed as the true founder of the Church of Hannah; Allowed to come and go as she pleases; Allowed to visit both the Men and Women's Sides of campus.
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Dr. Carson's Story
When Marcus Millbrook founded the Church of Hannah, Dr. Nora Carson became one of his most loyal of employees, the ravishing woman of divine propotions serving as a mentor and an example to the first students to sign up for the sexy school. The doctor's past is covered in mystery, yet this beautiful woman appears to hold degrees in psychology, anatomy, fashion design, and is quickly given high marks when it comes to sex by Marcus Millbrook himself. Keeping her sexuality as vague as her past, Dr. Carson clearly loves beautiful women as much as she loves men, her desire for pussy just as profound as her need for dick. From teaching girls how to eat pussy and use a strap-on properly to teaching boys how to properly fuck a woman in the ass by offering herself as a test subject, Dr. Carson is a nymphomaniac to the highest degree. She demands sex, yet she also demands respect, and she gets both from everyone at the Church of Hannah.

Yet, Dr. Carson does not teach regular classes, nor does she live on campus like many of the faculity who wouldn't dare miss the chance of enjoying one of their students during their off hours. Sometimes gone for months at a time, Dr. Carson often returns to school as abruptly as she leaves, her presence always welcome yet her whereabouts sometimes totally unknown. Yet when Dr. Carson does visit her students, she often steals the spotlight to such a degree that some have wondered if she will be the one Hannah selects to marry. Is Dr. Carson after Hannah's hand in marriage, or does she simply know a good thing when she finds one?
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