Appears ... 18 years old
Birthday N/A
Power Level 99.5%
Home City Nowhere
Current City Nowhere
Can ... do anything she wants. She is omnipotent.
Likes to ... be naked; fly; be obeyed; remind mortals that she is a god; have sex with anyone; be worshipped; be feared.
Fun Facts A new entity who comes into being with Hannah and Nika merge together; once saw herself as 'God', yet has now bowed to Hannah's greater power; lives in the false reality known as Midland; feared by most other demigods
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Nina's Story
When Hannah's demigods realized they could quite literally merge their bodies together and create all new personalities and gods, the term 'Legendary Girl' was born, and the girls tried out all sorts of fun combination. For example, when Tiffany and Vanessa merged together, they formed what one might call the ultimate nerd-girl and named this personality 'Tessa' in honor of both of their names. Yet when Hannah discovered the fun, she wanted in on the action and quickly convinced Nika to merge with her. Yet where Tiffany, Vanessa, Nika, and Rebecca were all completely equal, Hannah's greater power caused a bit of a problem in the intity to be named 'Nina'. With Hannah's ultimate power and Nika's desire for Hannah to rule the world, Nina felt as though she was the 'one true God' and longed to let humanity know this. It was lucky that the universe was saved from her attempt to conquer it, and since then the girls have been less than keen about merging, worried that the personality they might create could ignore Hannah's rules and cause great problems.
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