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Meet Dr. Julia Reynolds: a world famous scientist and business mogul who also just so happens to be more beautiful than the younger women who model her beauty products. Yet despite having millions in the bank and being far more beautiful than most women her age, as well as most women half her age, Julia has given her genius to the government-sponsored company BioTrek, working as a biologist and chemist for the government upon realizing they wanted her more than she wanted them. Granted a position of great power, Julia instead abuses her status to hire the most beautiful interns to work under her, picking men based upon their looks instead of their brains. Yet after BioTrek demanded Julia hire a girl named Mary Miller as one of her latest interns, Julia realizes she might have to be a bit more secretive about her affairs with her employees.

It is after yet another night of sex with a man half her age that Julia prepares to go to work, late again. Apathetic about her job, Julia instead prepares breakfast for her young lover the best way she knows how, trying to delay going to work and having to deal with her crazy intern Mary Miller. It's just another day in the life of Dr. Julia Reynolds, or is it?
Features: Straight Sex, Lesbian Sex, Flying, Telekinesis, Body Morphing, Action
Length: 30,200 Words / 86 Pages
Cost: 400 Tokens
Bonuses: 1 Bonus Card
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All characters depicted in this story who witness or engage in sexual activity are of eighteen years of age or older. While some episodes may contain violence, they are void of any kind of sexual abuse, unwanted sex, or rape. This is a work of pure fiction and not based on any person living or dead.
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Mary wakes up from her coma and has no powers. She rushes to work late. Meanwhile, her fellow intern Nick wakes up naked in Dr. Reynolds's house. Dr. Reynolds is naked in the kitchen and demands more sex. She gets it. They leave to work separately. When Julia arrives to work, it turns out Mary's theft did not go unnoticed. Julia tries to stop her bosses from arresting Mary. Mary somehow knows what is up and starts to realize she may be telepathic now. Her drug might have worked after all, just took a while to get going. Julia talks to Mary in private, and Mary develops x-ray vision. Julia's attempt to keep her bosses from arresting Mary fail, and she is cuffed. Yet, her superhuman strength kicks in and she fights free. She runs all the way home at super-quick speeds and is not tired. She breaks into her own apartment before the police find her and trashes her research. With some of her drug still left, the only place to put it is in her own body. She takes the rest, but then falls into another coma.

Mary dreams of a universe where she is God and her favorite comic book heroes are her heralds / enforcers / lesbian lovers. She dreams of a threesome with The Red Witch and Justice Woman. However, in the real world, she is locked up tight in a government facility and under supervision. The government has realized Mary's drug works and they want to rip her open and take it out of her. Mary's dreams start to effect a nearby nurse, and she can feel the threesome in Mary's mind. Mary accidentally has mind-sex with the nurse and causes her breasts to grow bigger. Mary's grow as well. The nurse falls in love with her. Mary wakens from her coma to find that her body is now strong and her breasts are massive. She makes the nurse give her whatever clothes she has left, but security has been notified.

Mary starts her escape, and as she does, she starts to realize she has new power. She is stronger than before, semi-bulletproof, and highly telekinetic. She makes a daring escape to the roof while fighting off several armed guards. A helicopter spots her and she destroys it with her telekinetic powers. Trapped on the roof, Mary then uses her telekinetic powers on her own body and realizes she can fly. Several guards watch the girl fly away.
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This story was originally released as part of Mary's first attempt at a series, but it ended after the first act. The second act was meant to be the whole hospital escape, but it made more sense to just cram these two stories together. There really isn't too much to say about this one other than it actually has the first (and maybe only) sex scene in one of my stories between two people who don't have any sort of powers. That's rare!

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