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Mike and Roland were just playing tennis on an average Sunday when things became not-so-average. The arrival of two young, exceptionally busty teenage girls who took the court beside them quickly became a distraction for the two gorgeous teens were simply not wearing tennis skirts at all, selecting to play in tiny, white sports bras and matching thongs. These girls said nothing to each other or the men beside them as they began to play, instantly impressing the two older men not only with their beautiful, fit young bodies and their oversized breasts, but with their skills at the sport. Delivering serves, hitting and returning with unbelievable velocity, and leaping almost six feet into the air, these two teenagers were not only better than Mike and Roland, but probably better than most professional tennis players.

Of course everything changed when the girls decided to take a break and make out across the net, kissing and groping and soon getting each other out of their thongs in the middle of the tennis court. Yet that was not the most unbelievable thing for as these tow busty teenagers began to make love in the middle of their game, their tennis racquets kept playing, floating in the air and hitting the ball back and forth as the moaning began. Finally realizing they were not alone, the two girls decided to see if Mike and Roland wanted to play doubles ... soon realizing that they didn't mean tennis.
This story includes an Update Scene for Mia Sato.
Features: Straight Sex, Gender Bending, Mind Control, Lesbian Sex, Group Sex, Exhibitionism, Body Morphing, Cloning
Length: 35,800 Words
All characters depicted in this story who witness or engage in sexual activity are of eighteen years of age or older. While some episodes may contain violence, they are void of any kind of sexual abuse, unwanted sex, or rape. This is a work of pure fiction and not based on any person living or dead.