Quickie Stories are short stories about a tiny scene, event, moment, or sexy tryst that most surely took place at some point during Omnipotence. Each Quickie Story also comes with its own sexy artwork, be it a reworked piece of cover art made to fit this particular scene, originally rejected artwork from a cover, or something new! Enjoy some great moments in the lives of the gods!

Note that all stories in this section are canonical!
These stories are currently not available for download.

You Have No Tokens
Magnetic Attraction
Magical lovers Rebecca and Celeste make quick work their time alone while Rebecca's husband Dennis seems to have trouble leaving.
Contains: Lesbian Sex, Object Morphing
Length: ???? words
Lost At Sea
100 Tokens
A man finds a gorgeous, bikini-clad girl adrift at sea, and she has an idea of how she can repay him after saving her.
Contains: Straight Sex
Length: 3800 words
Date Night
100 Tokens
While prepping for a fancy night with her husband, a famous movie star gets a visit from the magical being who loves her.
Contains: Cosmic State, Telekinesis
Length: 3500 words
Hanging Out *Extra Kinky*
150 Tokens
After a fun night of partying and clubbing, Hannah takes care of Sabrina after waking up together in a hotel room.
Contains: Gender Bending, Lesbian Sex
Length: 3500 words

Bus Ride
125 Tokens
Suddenly with a bus all to themsleves, a busty, horny, slutty coed strips for an older man, longing for him more than he longs for her.
Contains: Straight Sex
Length: 5300 words
Dressed To Impress
100 Tokens
A horny teenager gets help from her wildly magical, shapeshifting friend as she prepares for date with a hot, hung, handsome hunk.
Contains: Solo Sex, Object Morphing, Gender Bending
Length: 3800 words
Hot Shower
A man realizes he is not alone in the shower when a magical woman literally pours in through the showerhead to join him.
Contains: Straight Sex, Liquid State
Length: ???? words
Evening Prayers *Extra Kinky*
200 Tokens
Wanting to relive a recent romp, Mia prays that Hannah return to her and give her the kinky sex she craves.
Contains: Gender Bending, Invisibility
Length: 5500 words

Judgment Day
50 Tokens
Now that a little girl exists and wants to purge the world of evil, a crime boss must pay for his sins.
Contains: Invulnerability, Action
Length: 3500 words

The following stories are of the old "Caption" and will be converted to longer, fuller stories.
You will not need to repurchase them.
Magnetic Attraction (Longer Version Coming Soon)
Rebecca and Celeste make quick work their time alone.
Contains: Lesbian Sex, Teleportation, Object Morphing
Cost: 25 Tokens