33 EPISODES  |  10 BONUS SCENES  |  3 CHRONICLES  |  14 QUICKIES  |  10 CUSTOMS  |  1,867,110 WORDS

"Finally something for my tastes! Big tits! Magical powers! Hot women doing even hotter things. And not something about wizards and knights and stuff. There's really nothing else like it. THANK YOU!"
- greatgorgon
"how do you come up with this stuff? it is sooooooo good. every time I read your next story, I'm stunned."
- Litup6699
"I didn't know it was possible to write something so wild, unbelievable, and sexually graphic (and some times down-right dirty), and also something so thought-provoking and realistic. I'm impressed."
- LordofSol
"The depth of these characters is amazing. Not only are they so hot and magical, but also so realistic. This is probably the best erotica out there."
- TammyTights