Spin the wheel and see what you can win. What can you win? Well, you can win a lot more Coins to use on other areas on the website, special hidden Pin Up Cards found only in this Slot Machine, and Captions as well. Each spin costs 10 Coins. Read the details below to see how you get paid out.
Click Here to Spin!
- Slot Machine Rules -
Each Spin costs 10 Coins
Clicking SPIN or REFRESH counts as a Spin
Classifications of characters are based on the START of the Main Saga
No refunds
- How To Win -
You must get three colors (Blue, Pink, Yellow) in a row to win anything
Hannah (White) and Kelly (Red) are WILD and worth +100 Coins
Demigods (Blue) are +50 Coins each
Magical Girls (Pink) are +20 Coins each
Mere Mortals (Yellow) are +10 Coins each
Multis (Green) are WILD for the HIGHEST girl and double your total winnings
You can get more than one set of winnings
If you get Hannah and Kelly together, the Slot Machine breaks for the rest of the day!

- Examples of Wins -

+500 Coins
+150 Coins
+300 Coins
+140 Coins
+60 Coins
+30 Coins

- Examples of Non-Wins -