Artist "Project Hexium" has been making some great images featuring Hannah, Rebecca, Celeste, and others!
Check out these great works of art showcasing Hannah and her friends with an extra deminsion.
Caption text by Jasmine VanCroft. Click any of these images to enlarge.

You can see all of Project Hexium's work on their DeviantArt Page!

"Hannah's Visit"
The God of Beauty Rebecca Larson enjoys some private time out by her pool. But when the omnipotent Hannah Deangelo flies over for some godly fun, Rebecca just has to make sure her husband and kids are not around so she can get her bikini off and God on top of her!
"Goodbye Kiss"
As Hannah Deangelo gets ready to go to class, she takes a second to take a look at herself in the mirror. Turned on by her own reflection, the magical blonde can't resist giving herself a kiss before class. If she keeps this up much longer, that kiss is going to turn into sex with herself!
"Up In The Sky"
When Jane opened her curtains one morning and found a sexy lesbian couple flying high above the street in just their underwear, she screamed and ran to get her husband. Of course by the time Jane got back, the flying ladies were gone. Was it all in her head?
"Magic Mirror"
Home alone one night, magical teen Hannah Deangelo decides to pop her reflection out of the mirror for some lesbian fun. But now they have reflections of their own! Soon, an all-Hannah orgy begins, an orgy so hot that it catches the attention of one of her other magicial friends.
"Down To Earth"
Having found no comfort in her own teenage bed, the magical Hannah Deangelo spent the night sleeping in the clouds high above her parents' basic house in the suburbs. But now that it is morning, she better hurry up and fly home. Turns out she overslept again!
"Honey, I'm Home!"
After a night of work, supermodel Tiffany Rose comes back home to find her boyfriend Luke in bed waiting for her. Watching from below, Luke is not shocked to watch his busty girlfriend walk in through the wall instead of the door for, after all, she's also the God of Fate.