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Episode 1
Womanizer Armando made the score of the century when he brought home Jenny: an extremely busty, wildly sexual teenager who seemingly snuck into a night club and was looking for sex with the hottest guy she could find. Lucky to now find himself waking up next to a girl nearly ten years younger than himself, Armando has a plan to make Jenny a star by showing the world her impossibly perfect body. But is that what Jenny wants? How is this girl so gorgeous, so voluptuous, and yet so young and naive? Is she hiding a secret from Armando?
Features: Straight Sex, Intangibility, Flight, Lesbian Tones

Episode 2
A real estate agent hopes to sell a massive mansion, unaware of who is exactly meeting with him that day to tour the mansion and possibly make an offer. Is this handsome, hunky, and extremely hopeful real estate agent ready for what his client as planned? What unfolds is an afternoon the handsome man did not expect as a gorgeous, voluptuous, and demanding woman slowly reveals not only the truth of her identity, but more and more of her beautiful body as ‘her boss’ continues to demand her remove her clothes. Out of his mind with desire yet trying to do nothing more than sell this massive home, can the real estate agent resist this strange, beautiful woman's body, charm, grace, and her unbelievable revelations, or will he become lost in her beauty and sucked into her demands?
Features: Straight Sex, Lesbian Tones, Shapeshifting, Breast Expansion, Flight

Episode 3
Over a year before Vanessa Crawford secured a mansion for the young and powerful Hannah Deangelo, the teenager with the amazing supernatural abilities had been fighting the urge to use her powers while letting her simpler genes take control of her life, genes that have turned her into a dorky, boring, freckled high schooler that no one wants to ask on a date. But now that she is eighteen and starting to long for intimacy and love, Hannah is starting to reconsider keeping her powers dormant, powers that include the ability to transform into anything she wants. But it is after she decides to make every inch of her body as sexually charged as possible that she will discover a fun, new, beautiful way to use her shapeshifting powers.
Features: Lesbian Sex, Cloning, Shapeshifting, Telekinesis, Breast Expansion

Episode 4
Overweight and unattractive her whole life, forty year-old Rebecca Larson never thought that she would become an omnipotent god capable of doing anything she wanted with magical powers beyond comprehension, but when the magical teenager Hannah Deangelo picked the married woman to be her God of Beauty, Rebecca's life as an unattractive member of society ended the day she used her new powers to make herself the most beautiful mother the world had ever seen. For the first time in her life, forty year-old Rebecca was sexy, beautiful, voluptuous, and she wanted to enjoy her new body to its fullest.
Features: Straight Sex, Lesbian Tones, Invisibility, Shapeshifting, Age Morphing

Episode 5
After years of using her strange powers to do practical things around the world, magical teenager Hannah Deangelo stumbled onto a whole new reason to abuse her supernatural abilities: for sex. It was after her teenage hormones got the best of her that the eighteen year-old girl with far too many magical powers to count transformed her physique into that of the most beautiful girl in the world, and then pulled her reflection out of her mirror so the two girls could make love. After quite literally losing her virginity to herself, sex is now the only thing on Hannah's mind, even after going off to school and pretending to be normal. Is it time Hannah stopped pretending she is normal and instead explore the joys of sexual pleasure? Can she stick to her rules, or will she break them to get what she wants?
Features: Lesbian Sex, Cloning, Shapeshifting, Teleportation, Mind Control, Ghosting

Episode 6
Just because John and Stacy have only been dating for four months did not stop them from deciding to move in together. Both in their late twenties, the new couple was clicking like neither of them thought was possible and could not find a bad reason to slow things down. Their friends didn't understand how they felt about each other, but then again, their friends did not know about Celeste. At just eighteen years of age, Celeste 'Casanova' is the teenager who happened to help John and Stacy find each other, and she did it by use of 'magic'. Never bothering to explain how she is able to do such things other than just saying she has 'magic', Celeste has returned to her match-made couple to help them with their move, as well as help them wind down and relax.
Features: Lesbian Sex, Straight Sex, Threesome, Shapeshifting, Teleportation, Intangibility

Episode 7
It has been only a week since Hannah first decided to start using her magical powers to explore the world of sex, and she is already an addict. Being that she seems to have the powers of a god, there is nothing that Hannah cannot do in order to test out the joys of sexual pleasure. First she used her powers to give herself a wildly-sexy body designed for nothing else, then found that she had the power to make copies of herself in order to explore privately, then she found it was even possible for her to simply 'create people' out of thin air: gorgeous women who obey her every command for they know she is their creator, and therefore: their God.
Features: Lesbian Sex, Creation, Cloning, Reality Warping, Flying, Object Morphing

Episode 8
Famous supermodel Tiffany Rose has it all. A mighty blonde with unparalleled beauty, millions of dollars, a beautiful home, and a loving boyfriend who respects her sometimes flamboyant and liberated lifestyle, the world's hottest blonde (besides the magical Hannah Deangelo) could pick and choose whose millions became hers for her amazing beauty granted her power over the modeling world. But who is Tiffany Rose, really? Unbeknownst to her millions of fans, agents, publicists, and dozens of corporate sponsors who begged for her to wear their shirts, their jeans, their bras, and their make-up, Tiffany Rose lives far more lives that she cared to share.
Features: Straight Sex, Lesbian Sex, Shapeshifting, Action, Flying, Splitting

Episode 9
Eighteen year-old Hannah Deangelo has the magical power to create alternate realities, new realms of existence that she can craft with her own imagination. This newly discovered power has consumed her life, preoccupied her mind, and turned a few heads back in the real world as to what is going on with The Magical Girl? With her sex drive still in overdrive, Hannah gets inspired to enter some kinky porn movies, sex-filled worlds which she is free to change to match her desires. Here, Hannah will find a new playground to play in, new sexual partners, and learn from the professionals. Will she ever come back from the obnoxious, cliche-filled, sex-crazed world of porn?
Features: Lesbian Sex, Shapeshifting, Reality Warping, Ghosting, Gender Bending

Episode 10
Welcome to the Church of Hannah University: Texas, a place where boys and girls are built into sex gods. It is behind this towering walls where students live very different lives than those in the regular world, lives that are full of prayer and sex. It is a place where exhibitionism is expected, sex with instructors is rewarded, and where the ultimate goal is to be raptured by God herself Hannah Deangelo and taken to the 'Castle of the Clouds', and no one in school seems more poised to join Hannah than the gorgeous redhead Alexis Phillips. But if CHU Texas thinks Hannah wants Alexis, why are Hannah's gods Nika and Rebecca visiting her instead?
Features: Lesbian Sex, Lesbian Orgy, Straight Sex, Exhibitionism, Merging, Possession

Episode 11
FOR THE LOVE OF GOD **Extra Kinky**
For the last few weeks, the once dorky, naive, yet all-powerful teenager Hannah Deangelo has been abusing her supernatural talents to explore sex for the first time, possibly going a bit too far too fast. But now that Hannah knows her powers make it too easy to hide her sexual adventures from her parents, and even easier for her to get laid by people she can just 'wish' into existence, there is nothing holding Hannah back pushing things further and further. Answering to no one and unable to be judged for her kinky behavior, Hannah's sexual experience has skyrocketed along with her libido, and now the only thing left for her to do is show her friends. Eager to show off what she has learned, Hannah finally steps out in her new body for the first time, ready to show every inch of herself. Warning. This story is considered 'Extra Kinky' and may not be perferred by all adult audiences.
Features: Lesbian Sex, Gender Bending, Reality Warping, Action, Exhibitionism