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Production Blog
Get up-to-date info on current stories, creations, and teases. This is the place to be if you want to know the status of upcoming creations.
Mini Posters
The entire collection of fun 'mini posters' used on the Twitter Account. Some are repeats. Some are little stories. All our sexy as hell.
Photo Collection
Hannah's stuck a lot of photos up on her wall, and we've got the entire collection! Check them out here.
Scene Editor
You can now use the same scene editor we use to create all of the artwork in our stories. Flash Player is requred. This tool is always getting updated with new clothes and options as we write more stories.
Suggestion Box
Drop in suggestions for scenes, stories, or other nonsense. This is the only way you can get our attention and have an affect on future stories.
Spoiler Room
See the line up of stories coming out all the way to the end! Some classic stories from our author's past. Some new ones. Maybe some suggested by you?
Free Previews
Read previews of stories before they are released! Totally free! See the stories before anyone else does.

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Divine Destiny
Take control of a girl's life as she wakes up with godlike powers. This Choose Your Own Path story puts you in control of omnipotence! (Coming in 2018)
Custom Girl Creator
Design your own beauty using this toy! Create your dream woman, save her, share her. Do as you please! Flash Player required.
Bribery Box
Want something in a story. I accept bribes. Think of this as a suggestion box with a little extra incentive, or maybe even commissions of you are looking for an entire story. Read the rules of how I accept bribes, and see if you like what I'm offering!
Superpower Database
Back by popular demand, here is a database of some of the superpowers used by our main characters. Of course there are a lot more than just these listed here, but these are the most common / most general abilities they put on display.
Cover Art
Check out the full gallery of cover artwork here without the words, and at a much higher resolution.
In Chronological Order
Our stories are out of order on purpose. Why? Because sometimes orgins are sexy, and sometimes a fully-experienced Hannah is sexy. Why wait for both? This may help you make sense of the timeline.

Everyone can enjoy all of these features, even if you're just passing through. Enjoy!
Omnipotence Fan Art
Other artists have been inspired by our stories. See their work!
Movie Trailer
We made an animated trailer for the series. Check it out!
Deviant Art Page
Join us on Deviant Art for more artwork from the stories!