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In another universe where the rich are free to conduct extremely risky experiments on the poor, the insanely wealthy has purchased a brand new maid to tend to her and her husband's luxury apartment in the heart of the city, a young girl whom she has not told her husband she paid to have her specially designed. Now coy, timid, and obedient lives with and her husband, obeying their commands without pause. Yet when 's husband leaves her and alone, demands she get what she paid for: a magical maid with limitless supernatural abilities. Having survived the experiments, young can not only transform in any way she wants, but has also manifested several other supernatural powers her creators never intended. Will ever use her powers to escape, or is this simply her lot in life? Just how powerful has this slave become?
Features: Gender Bending, Breast Expansion, Cloning, Teleportation
Length: 13,700 Words
Custom Stories let you alter the main characters and read about who you like. These fun and interactive stories are written in such a way that allows you to replace the main charcters with whoever you want! Because no data is saved, you can use anyone: celebrities, fictional characters from other works, or even your friends or crushes! Enjoy trying out different combinations!
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All characters depicted in this story who witness or engage in sexual activity are of eighteen years of age or older. While some episodes may contain violence, they are void of any kind of sexual abuse, unwanted sex, or rape. This is a work of pure fiction and not based on any person living or dead.