Custom Stories let you alter the main characters and read about who you like. These fun and interactive stories are written in such a way that allows you to replace the main charcters with whoever you want! Because no data is saved, you can use anyone: celebrities, fictional characters from other works, or even your friends or crushes! Enjoy trying out different combinations!

Note that all stories in this section are noncanonical despite their default settings.
At no time will any of these stories be available to download.
Tonight's Homework
A teenage boy comes home to find a gorgeous, naked woman in his bed. Despite his virginal status, this woman seems to know he has quite a special tool in his pants, and she wants it before anyone else gets it!
Contains: Straight Sex, Telekineisis, Teleportation, Floating
In The Air Tonight
100 Tokens
When a college babe comes home from the clubs empty handed, she decides to 'booty-call' her friend. But it seems like the only place these two can have sex is up in the sky. Good thing both of them can fly!
Contains: Lesbian Sex, Flying, Breast Expansion, Creation
Hide And Seek *Extra Kinky*
200 Tokens
Having become a sorceress after mastering a book of magic, a former teacher has shared her magic with a former student. What happens during a magical lesson involving a game of Hide And Seek? Can you guess?
Contains: Gender Bending, Animal Morphing, Teleportation
Sex On The Brain
100 Tokens
A beautiful party girl wakes up after a wild night of sex with two hot strangers. Haunted by the hot memories, she will use her very secret supernatural powers to re-live the night in her own special way.
Contains: Telekinesis, Breast Expansion, Teleportation
Christmas Cookies
100 Tokens
Two beautiful sorceresses reunite to enjoy one of their favorite traditions: Christmas Cookies. As they enjoy each others company and bodies, the two realize that these magical cookies also provide their own milk.
Contains: Lesbian Sex, Breast Expansion, Lactation
Magic Fingers
100 Tokens
A taboo affair develops when a woman discoveres her sexy new stepdaughter has magical powers, powers including but not limited to the ability to fuck anyone she wants just by thinking it. Better take it to the showers.
Contains: Lesbian Sex, Telekinesis, Intangibility, Teleportation
Extreme Narcissism
*Extra Kinky*
200 Tokens
A busty and extremely famous webcam model enjoys being wealthy and alone in her luxury apartment, taking time each week away from entertaining the internet to entertain herself in ways no one would ever suspect.
Contains: Gender Bending, Breast Expansion, Intangibility
Magical Possessions
100 Tokens
Two coeds have found a ring that allows them to temporarily exist as an extremely powerful spirit, but sadly there is only one ring. Eager to play with their shared toy, one girl happily wears the ring to sexually please the other.
Contains: Ghosting, Telekinesis, Possession, Teleporation
The Power Of Suggestion
200 Tokens
When a very beautiful mother meets her son's sexy new girlfriend, she had no idea what this teenager was capable of. For whatever reason, anything this girl says becomes true, and it soon becomes clear she isn't interested in her son.
Contains: Lesbian Sex, Mind Control, Body Morphing, Lactation
Made To Serve
*Extra Kinky*
350 Tokens
What if Gods were actually slaves? In this alternate, flip-flopped world, maids and butlers are given powers to please their masters, no matter what their masters demand.
Contains: Gender Bending, Breast Expansion, Cloning, Teleportation