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- Divine Destiny: A CYOA Story -
Alice Goodwin has woken up after having a one-night stand with God herself, Hannah Deangelo. Now she seems to be a god as well with amazing powers. What will Alice do with her powers? You decide in this Choose Your Own Adventure story about Alice's first day as life as a magical beauty. Does she want fun, sex, or to rule the world?
- Date With A God: A CYOA Story -
After witnessing the powers of a god (of your choice), she has agreed to go on a date with you as long as you keep quiet about it. Now what? After picking up your dream girl at her fancy apartment, (a modest place for a living god, it is up to you to win her over. Can you get on her good side? Can you get her out of her clothes? Do you just want to see her powers? Try and make the night last!
(You will be able to be a male or female in this scenario.)
- Superhero Scenario: A CYOA Story -
A superpowered god is bored with being a god and has decided to spend the night as a superhero (of your design!). Now with her new name and new outfit, this god who seems to have plenty of superpowers will fight crime like never before. How violent will she be? What crimes will she fight? It's up to you to decide where she goes, what she wears, and how powerful she decides to be.