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"The Skin Tight Trio"
Episode 30
Long before Hannah Deangelo made her presence known, there was a different type of god who ruled the spotlight, or at least she did for a mere few months in history. No one knew where Anna Devine came from, how she managed to accumulate seemingly limitless wealth, how she managed to hide her simply astonishing body from the limelight and cameras, or why she acts so strangely, but there was no question that she stole everyone's attention when she stepped out of her extra-long limousine in 1976 basically naked. Miss Devine demanded luxury and perfection from all those around her, which is why Mark Coleman felt a bit out of place when she hired him to be her new modeling agent. Paid handsomely for his work, Mark seems to be the only one Miss Devine trusts to enter her private life, a life that is full of more secrets than the world will ever know.
Features: Teleportation, Flight, Exhibitionism, Intangibility, Cloning, Telekinesis

"Who You Gonna Call?"
Episode 31
Monday is finally here, and it is a very important day indeed. Some of the gods have to sneak back into their normal lives. Some gods have to pass the time now that Hannah is in school during the day. Some gods are just up to business as usual and living their immortal lives as carefree as can be. But all of the gods first must meet with Hannah in her bedroom and discuss the very important matter at hand: Who will be the God of Freedom.

After many tests and many months, it is time for Hannah to decide who will be the next member of her pantheon. As the many adventures of Hannah and her friends start to catch up to them, everyone meets in Hannah's bedroom to reveal the two mortals who have been nominated to be the God of Freedom. Will it be the exceptionally busty billioniare Erica Milani, a favorite to the gods and a woman who is both trapped in her fame and her unbelievable beauty? Will it be the gorgeous yet brainwashed twenty-something Alexis Phillips, a girl who believes Hannah Deangelo is God and will one day marry her and turn her into a god? It's time for Hannah to wake up and face not only the week ahead and her days at college, but also the choice of which mortal will be offered a chance to being a immortal, all-powerful, eternal god.
Features: Teleportation, Body Morphing, Exhibitionism, Intangibility, Cloning, Telekinesis

*MONDAY MORNING is already started. Roughly 50% done.
Episode 31 Bonus Scene
ONE SIZE FITS ALL **Extra Kinky**
Just because Sophia and Valerie have been gods for less than a day doesn't mean they aren't good at it. Having tossed out their old, mortal lives in exchange for eternal lives as demigods to the One True God Kelly White, Valerie and Sophia have been tasked with the job of setting up Kelly's new home, whatever that may be. Abusing their own godlike powers to wish whatever they need out of thin air to please Kelly, these two gorgeous gods get the job done quickly and can now do the one hobby all gods love more than anything: uninhibited sex.

Free to test out Kelly's new home, the omnipotent slaves Valerie and Sophia are quickly in bed and more than happy to please each other using whatever magical means are necessry. As if she has been a demigod for years and years, Valerie is happy to show the newer god Sophia how Kelly prefers they have sex, showing Sophia that genders are meaningless when you are omnipotent. Of course Sophia has no problem with this new form of pleasure and is quick to join Valerie in the kinkiest of sex, even if Valerie is now twenty feet tall and she is still the same height she has always been. Sizes don't matter because Sophia will find a way to fuck Valerie's brains out, and of course Valerie is more than happy to return the favor. What will these two uninhibited gods get up to now that their mortal lives are over and their chores are done? Warning. This story is considered 'Extra Kinky' and may not be perferred by all adult audiences.
Features: Lesbian Sex, Gender Bending, Body Morphing, Exhibitionism, Intangibility, Flying, Telekinesis

"Game On"
Episode 32
***Due to the fact that this story contains minors, there is absolutely no sex or anything sexual to be found. This story will be included with your purchase of Episode 31.

What happened nineteen years ago when Hannah Deangelo was born? Anything odd? Anything supernatural? Anything crazy? And what of Hanna's parents? How did they raise an omnipotent toddler? How did they keep the world from finding out that their child had 'supernatural gifts'. Learn the backstory of Hannah, how she came to be, and how she was raised in secrecy by her mortal parents.
Features: TBD

*THE COSMIC MISHAP is already started. Roughly 80% done.

"The Genie's Wishes"
Episode 33
It may be Monday morning in Chicago, but it's Monday night in India, and Hannah's ex-girlfriend Natalia is still in the spotlight thanks to her riches, her fame, her beautiful body, and of course: the magical powers she got to keep after her love affair with God. Always a fan of the spotlight and never one to cover up, the ravishing and wealthy heiress Natalia Vasileiv cannot wait to find the cameras and show off her body, a body which has always been gorgeous yet now is more amazing than ever thanks to her previous affair with God. Free to be in the spotlight and sparkle for the cameras, what is life like for God's ex-girlfriend? Is she happy? Is she bitter? What will Natalia do with her powers as she parades around town? What powers does she have?

It's just another night for the rich and famous babe, at least until she meets a mysterious girl who also seems to have powers of her own. Who is this girl? Where did she get her powers? What does she want with Natalia?
Features: TBD

*A POWERFUL PRICESS is already started. Roughly 25% done.

Episode 34
As Tiffany sits in her dressing room before her naked, semi-lesbian photoshot with the ultra busty and prude Jenny Carver, she fantasizes about pushing this fake photoshot to its limits and see just how far she can go with Jenny. Will Tiffany's godlike powers leak out and affect this British babe?
Features: TBD

*WISHFUL THINKING is already started. Roughly 60% done.
Episode 35
Rebecca owes Celeste, and that usually means sex.

Ready to expliot this debt, the teenage god creates a fictional reality where Rebecca is powerless and dating her 'make-believe' father Mark. On top of that, this new goth, cranky, version of Celeste has been practicing witchcraft with her high school friends, friends who are simply unable to keep up with Celeste's mastery of magic. Rejecting her friends and embracing her new powers, Celeste sets her eyes on her dad's girlfriend: the ultra hot Rebecca whom Celeste thinks is way too hot for her dad, and also thinks would make a perfect sex slave.

What will it be like for this new powerless Rebecca to be at the whim of this magical, horny, kinky teenager? What kind of sexual spells does Celeste know? Will Rebecca resist this younger girl's advances, or is there nothing she can do to stop this seemingly all-powerful teenage witch from getting what she wants? Then again, is Celeste a far better lover than her dad? After all, Celeste seems to want to fuck her dad's girlfriend deeper and harder that he ever could, and now she knows all the magical spells to make sure she is ... well equipped for the job. Warning. This story is considered 'Extra Kinky' and may not be perferred by all adult audiences.
Features: TBD

(Cover Art
Coming Soon)
Episode 36
Just because Vanessa has conquered the business world doesn't mean it is boring. Enjoy a look into the life of this beautiful black billionaire, how she came to become the God of Power, and how she and Hannah stumbled upon Kwame.
Features: TBD

"Insider Trading"

"Molly's Magical Affair"
(Cover Art
Coming Soon)
Episode 37
(Untitled Mary Miller Story)
Mary's quest for power continues.
Features: TBD

(Cover Art
Coming Soon)
Episode 38
Convinced to embrace her powers more by her friend Sabrina, Hannah goes off to college dressed to impress. Yet what she finds is a new substitute teacher who impresses her even more, a hunky man who is actually a big fan of Hannah and her powers. Seeking fun instead of classes, Hannah decides to 'play god' for this handsome fan and take him somewhere they can enjoy each other: the past.
Features: TBD

*MAKING HISTORY is already started. Roughly 50% done.
(Cover Art
Coming Soon)
Episode 39
Once her work on Earth is done, Nika blasts off into the cosmos to deal with things even Hannah doesn't know about. With wars raging between far more advanced and less civilized beings, Nika realizes that she may have to remind the universe why she goes by the moniker 'God of Judgment'. Will these fleets of starships be too much for the lone human who travels through space without a ship of her own, or is this Nika's idea of fun?
Features: TBD
(Cover Art
Coming Soon)
Episode 40
Eager to please and play, Celeste returns to her mortal boyfriend and her magical maid with only one thing on her mind: the same thing all gods have on their minds. Learn how Celeste was chosen as the God of Love, how she met Rebecca, and the secret wedding she was actually a part of! Is Celeste secretly married to someone other than her boyfriend?
Features: TBD

*HEAVEN ON EARTH is already started. Roughly 40% done.
(Cover Art
Coming Soon)
Episode 41
Alone in her father's giant mansion, Kristi Kardashia has no desire to meet up with her friends or invite anyone over. This is because she knows the second she goes outside or anyone steps foot inside the mansion, her magical ring will no longer work. Equipped with godlike powers as long as she is home alone, there's plenty of things Kristi can do to amuse herself, including creating copies of other famous people, even Hannah Deangelo herself. How kinky will Kristi get with her creations being that no one can stop her, judge her, or disobey her?
Features: TBD

(Cover Art
Coming Soon)
Episode 42
(Untitled Mary Miller Story)
Mary's story continues.
Features: TBD
*TBD. There is a Star Trek Themed Hannah story likely to take this slot.
*TBD. There is an Extra Kinky Hannah story that will likely take this slot. Time permitting.

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