Want more of Hannah and her friends? Of course you do! Welcome to the Chronicles of Hannah and her Demigods, stories that highlight some amazing moments the main saga might have missed, yet are a bit too long to simply be called 'Quickies'. Enjoy these full stories of magical powers, sex, and hot babes doing whatever they please!

Note that all stories in this section are canonical!

An average girl catches Hannah and Sabrina having sex at school, a moment that will change her life forever.
Contains: Lesbian Sex, Body Morphing
Length: 13,500 words
A lonely man isn't sure what to do when a naked angel lands on his balcony and asks to borrow some clothes.
Contains: Straight Sex, Flying, Telekinesis
Length: 12,700 words

A college girl gets stuck in the middle of a storm and seeks refuge in a house were a powerful spirit is held captive.
Contains: Lesbian Sex, Intangibility
Length: 36,000 words
Freshly single, Hannah clones herself, coats herself in latex, and the heads off to a kinky nightclub for some dirty fun.
Contains: Cloning, Lesbian Sex, Straight Sex, Body Morphing, Liquid State
Length: 21,600 words
Locked up in Hannah's mansion, Erica is finished decorating and bored. What will she decide to do with all this art?
Contains: Creation, Intangibility, Lesbian Sex, Group Sex, Body Morphing
Length: 16,500 words
Ghost Ship
A sexy cruise reserved only for the ultra-rich and ultra-sexy was supposed to be a chance to land a sugar-daddy for three young pornstars, but some hotter, younger, bustier teenager is stealing all the attention. Who is this girl named 'Celeste Casanova'?
Contains: Ghostly State, Mind Control, Teleportation
Length: ???? words

The Magical Dropout
Having dropped out of college, Jackie now lives with her very disappointed parents. Yet what they do not know is their daughter is now the apprentice of an immortal sorceress and capable of many magical feats. Is Jackie just in a different kind of school?
Contains: Shapeshifting, Body Morphing, Possession, Lesbian Sex
Length: ???? words

Hot Yoga
Who would have thought yoga could be so stressful? Well, it can be when you are God's yoga instructor. Trying to deal wth the fact that Hannah Deangelo is attending her classes, a popular fitness instructor deals with crowds, fans, and of course: God's sexual advances.
Contains: Body Morphing, Teleportation
Length: ???? words

Nerd Girls Are Easy
Brilliant beyond compare, college babe Tessa is so smart that she knows how to manipulate matter, physics, and even reality with her mind. Able to do 'magic' through science and math, the genius nerd girl wants to use her godly knowledge to finally get laid.
Contains: Possession, Ghosting, Mind Control
Length: ???? words

My Neighbor's Big Secret
When Michael spots his friend's mom using her secret magical powers, she is quick to teleport up into his bedroom and offer sex in exchange for his silence. Eager to please, Rebecca is ready to take any form he wants, even if he's embarassed to admit it.
Contains: Gender Bending, Straight Sex
Length: ???? words

When a nature photographer spots a gorgeous bikini babe enjoying the sun, he can't help but sneak a few photos. Yet when he realizes she has a twin with her, and these twins spot him, they ask him to take some naughty photos of them together. Are they really twins?
Contains: Lesbian Sex, Group Sex
Length: ???? words

Infinitely powerful yet in need of guidence, Tiffany Martin hangs out with her new friends Vanessa and Rebecca at a college football game. With a little help, she realizes she can get whatever she wants while still keeping her powers a secret, and so can her friends!
Contains: Straight Sex, Lesbian Sex, Body Morphing
Length: ???? words

A break-up is the really a new beginning for Tanya after she finds a real genie's lamp outside her apartment. However, she only has thirty minutes to make her three wishes, unaware that for every wish she makes, the genie gets a wish of her own. What does the genie want?
Contains: Body Morphing, Lesbian Sex, Breast Expansion
Length: ???? words

Hollywood actress Molly knows her fame is due to her recent love affair with a teenage sorceress named Becky. Worried her husband will find out, Molly does her best to hide her affair with this magical teenager, yet also craves her for Becky fucks her like no other.
Contains: Gender Bending, Lesbian Sex, Teleportation
Length: ???? words