Want more of Hannah and her friends? Of course you do!
Welcome to the Chronicles of Hannah and her Demigods. These 'one-off' stories are too long
to be called "Quickies", yet do not quite fit within the Main Series of Omnipotence.
Enjoy these full stories of magical powers, sex, and hot babes doing whatever they please!

Note that all stories in this section are canonical!


250 Tokens
An average girl catches Hannah and Sabrina having sex at school, a moment that will change her life forever.
Contains: Lesbian Sex, Body Morphing
Length: 13,500 words

200 Tokens
A lonely man isn't sure what to do when a naked angel lands on his balcony and asks to borrow some clothes.
Contains: Straight Sex, Flying, Telekinesis
Length: 12,700 words


400 Tokens
A college girl gets stuck in the middle of a storm and seeks refuge in a house were a powerful spirit is held captive.
Contains: Lesbian Sex, Intangibility
Length: 36,000 words
The Genie's Wishes
A woman finds a genie's lamp and a very busty, very uninhibited genie who also hase quite an attitude. With only thirty minutes to make her wishes, this woman has no idea that the genie is going to get three wishes of her own. What does this sexy genie want?
Contains: Lesbian Sex, Body Morphing, Object Morphing
Length: ???? words
Game On
Rebecca and Vanessa take new god Tiffany to a football game for some fun, teaching her how to get what she wants. Enjoy a story about the early days of The God of Fate, not to mention the trouble the these omnipotent babes got into before Hannah's sexy return.
Contains: Lesbian Sex, Straight Sex, Group Sex, Body Morphing, Cloning
Length: ???? words
Photo Opportunity
A nature photographer stumbles upon a gorgeous pair of sexy twins ... who are not sisters. How is it that these ravishing women are not related? How did they come to be alone on this secluded beach? Clearly they now have this photographer's attention.
Contains: Lesbian Sex, Group Sex, Cloning, Telekinesis, Body Morphing
Length: ???? words
Molly's Magical Affair *Kinky*
Mega-famous movie-star Molly gets a shock when her secret lover arrives: the magical teen who made her famous. What if the tabloids found out she was have sex with a magical girl, a girl whose magic helped restart her career. Then again, the sex is pretty great.
Contains: Lesbian Sex, Gender Bending, Teleportation, Cosmic State
Length: ???? words
Classic Revised.
Purple And Pink
What started as a crappy evening trying to get into a night club takes a turn when a lonely man is mistaken by a busty babe who claims they are old friends. Things get weird when he realizes he's the only one who can see this gorgeous, pink-haired babe and her purple-haired friend.
Contains: Group Sex, Intangibility, Invisibility
Length: ???? words

Fallen Angel
Being a lesbian in rural America isn't easy, but Naomi might get the love she craves when an angel falls into her barn. Unable to get back to Heaven, and unable to speak as well, this gorgeous, magical angel needs Naomi's help just as Naomi needs her.
Contains: Lesbian Sex, Flying, Telekinesis
Length: ???? words

Brand new!
Role Playing Games
Bored and cast out by her high school friends due to her parent's insane wealthy, a lonely teen Vanessa wants out of her parent's mansion, espesically since she started learning magic from a living god. Will this magical woman finally take Vanessa away for good?
Contains: Gender Bending, Group Sex, Exhibitionism
Length: ???? words

Brand new!
Life On Evos *Kinky*
Take a trip to Evos, a world where there is only one gende and monogamy does not exist. It is a world full of sex, lacking in clothes, plus the 'bigger' you are, the more superpowers you have. It's an alternate reality where all the gods have new roles, new loves, and new powers.
Contains: Gender Bending, Group Sex, Exhibitionism
Length: ???? words

Classic revised.

Formerly "Coming of Age"
The Mighty Apprentice
Kicked out of college, Jackie is living with parents again, parents who are not at all pleased. However, Jackie's parents have no idea their daughter gained magical powers while in college, powers which she longs to master so she can be with her teacher for eternity.
Contains: Telekinesis, Body Morphing
Length: ???? words

Brand new!
Ghost Ship
A sexy cruise reserved only for the ultra-rich and ultra-sexy was supposed to be a chance to land a sugar-daddy for three young pornstars, but some hotter, younger, bustier teenager is stealing all the attention. Who is this girl named 'Celeste Casanova'?
Contains: Ghostly State, Mind Control, Teleportation
Length: ???? words

Brand new!
Too Horny To Care *Kinky*
When things don't go as planned for Roxy and Tina during a routine trip to the clubs, the two drunk, busty pixies decide to just go back home and fuck each other senseless. These two drunk, magical hotties need dick bad, even if they get it from each other.
Contains: Gender Bending, Flying, Creation, Telekinesis
Length: ???? words

Classic Revised.
Party Of One
Taking a vacation by herself, the all-powerful teenager Hannah Deangelo rents out a huge hotel suite and decides to fill it with herself. Creating clone after clone after clone, what kind of fun will all these Hannahs enjoy? Bet you can guess.
Contains: Cloning, Creation, Telekinesis, Body Morphing
Length: ???? words

Brand new!
Hot Yoga
Who would have thought yoga could be so stressful? Well, it can be when you are God's yoga instructor. Trying to deal wth the fact that Hannah Deangelo is now attending her classes, a popular fitness instructor has to handle the crowds, the fans, and of course: God.
Contains: Body Morphing, Teleportation
Length: ???? words