COST: 300 Tokens
You Have No Tokens
If you read Episode 12, then you know that the young and incredibly powerful teenager Kelly White used her mind control powers to turn Hannah's friends Sabrina and Mia into her best friends and biggest fans, both instantly turned to her side and longing to worship Kelly like the god she thinks she is. Now with these to beautiful, busty babes in her bedroom begging for Kelly's love, babes who had already been enhanced to gorgeous proportions by Hannah, Kelly realizes maybe she should try and show these girls a better time than Hannah ever could. Maybe it is time for Kelly to take a play out of Hannah's book and get ... kinky.

Still not entirely experienced when it comes to sex, or even the limits of her amazing powers, Kelly uses Sabrina's memories of her wild nights with Hannah to inspire her see if she can not only make copies of herself, but also give herself a big, thick, meaty dick for Sabrina and Mia to worship. It is when Kelly realizes how great it can be have a cock of her own that she loses control of her own inhibitions and fucks both Mia and Sabrina senseless, able to drill them both at the same time now that she is in more than one place at the same time.

But what happens when she wears those two girls out? What are the Kellys supposed to do considering they are still very horny, their cocks are still hard, their balls are full of cum, and their pussies soaking wet?

Maybe its time for Kelly to lose her female virginity ... to herself.

Features: Lesbian Sex, Gender Bending, Cloning, Group Sex, Breast Expansion
Length: 15,100 Words
Warning. This story is considered 'Extra Kinky' and may not be perferred by all adult audiences.
All characters depicted in this story who witness or engage in sexual activity are of eighteen years of age or older. While some episodes may contain violence, they are void of any kind of sexual abuse, unwanted sex, or rape. This is a work of pure fiction and not based on any person living or dead.