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Since the characters without our stories are supposed to indeed be 'omnipotent', we thought it was important to list some of the things they are likely to do on their adventures. We only list the most important ones. Obviously they can do anything, so to list them all would be quite a pain.

Flying / Floating
Probably the single most coveted magical power by Hannah and her friends for it places our characters literally above everyone else. Flying is the general sense of being able to defy gravity on any scale, be it mere levitation, floating over a house, or flying above airplanes. Flying is not the fastest way to travel or the most secretive, but it is indeed the most fun. It is one of the few powers our characters use specifically for pleasure.
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Telepathy / Mind Control
Gods need to know what people are thinking, and that's where their telepathic abilities become very important. Yet while it is very common for a god to scan a mortal and dive into their thoughts or memories to understand who they are, Mind Control is very much banned from use by Hannah. Free will is not to be tainted with, but even Hannah can't resist using it from time to time when she doesn't get her way. Rules are made to be broken, it seems.
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When it comes to superpowers, Telekinesis ranks high on everyone's list, yet it is also one of the most feared superpowers for it can be the most deadly. Telekinesis allows Hannah and her friends to move anything they want through the air big or small, allowing them to move small objects like drinks, chairs, or clothes around with their thoughts. Yet when used for more nefarious purposes, Telekinesis can be used to throw people through walls, stop bullets, redirect missiles, snap necks with a mere glare, or even rip entire buildings up from their foundations. Telekinesis is not something to be ignored or abused.
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Invisibility / Inaudibility
Becoming invisible is a requirement for the Gods for they should not always be seen, even if they want to be. Considering Hannah and her friends are notorious for their lack of clothing and sexually-designed bodies, it is fairly important that they also hide their bodies from those who may not actually want to see them. Plus being able to vanish from sight on a whim is great for getting out of trouble, which is also common for Hannah and her friends. The power to become invisible also allows the Gods to speak on a different wavelength of sound, thus allowing them to become inaudible from those who are not invisible like they are.
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Intangibility is the simple ability to be able to ignore solid matter, allowing Hannah and her friends to walk through walls, fall through floors, or even ignore bullets that may be shot their way and let them slip right through their bodies as if they did not exist. The Gods are able to consciously decided what is allowed to touch them and what is not, which makes it possible for them to be standing on the ground while walking through the wall in front of them. Intangibility also great for getting naked as fast as possible for the Gods can simply ignore their clothes and let them fall right through their bodies and down to the floor.
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Ghosting in itself is not a specific power but a combination of powers which, when used together, will turn the Gods into ghosts or phantoms, a common joy used when they travel together yet would rather not affect the world around them. Ghosting is when a God chooses to be invisible, intangible, and commonly even ignore the ground below their feet and float freely up and down or side to side, floating very much like a ghost wherever they please. Of course ghosts are not always totally invisible, and neither are the Gods.
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If there's a place to be, teleportation is the way to go, literally. While Flying is fun and a favorite way to travel, there are times when the Gods would rather not wait and instead get to where they need to go immediately. Teleporation among the Gods has no limits, allowing them to not only travel from one time zone to the next faster than light, but even travel to distant galaxies the rest of the human race has not yet discovered. While teleporation is great to use to get from one country to the next, it is also quite common for the Gods to use it to simply zip across a room while showing off in front of mortals, or perhaps even teleport into a different sexual position. Teleportation is also not limited to the individual as Hannah and her friends can teleport other people or things anywhere they want as well, moving things around as if the universe was just one, big chess board.
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Since Hannah and her friends strive for sexual beauty, they do not typically give themselves bulking muscles, nor do they need them. It's not common for a god to exert her strength on another person or thing simply due to the fact they are supposed to be hiding from people most of the time, but its also totally possible for any of the Gods to pick up a train with their bare hands and throw it into orbit, even if their arms happened to be scrawny. Such strength also helps them walk around with oversized breasts and tiny waists, causing anyone who might spot them to do a double-take in disbelief.
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Shapeshifting: Body / Beautification / Breast Expansion
Another one of the most favorite of all the powers held by Hannah and her friends is Shapeshifting, Body Morphing, or as it has come to be known: the ability to be as hot as they want. Shapeshifting encompasses a wide variety of abilities, but more specifically Body Morphing allows the Gods to both stand out as they parade around in skimpy outfits and also hide in plain sight as they can adopt entirely new looks and appear as a total stranger to a friend. Common examples of Body Morphing are Breast Expansion, Muscle Growth, Hair Styling, and even Healing. Gods can use Shapeshifting to instantly heal minor wounds they might inflict in times when they are not simply 'invincible'.
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Shapeshifting: Age Morphing
Being that the Gods are eternal, they can exist at any time in their life they would prefer, thus allowing them to become an old woman, mature woman, adult, or teen on a whim. This is commonly used in conjunction with Cloning or Shapeshifting when a God wants to blend in, or maybe just try something new.
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Shapeshifting: Giantism
One of the least-used abilities is the ability for any god to become as big as they want to, but its not because they don't want to be giants. Stuck commonly hiding from view, the opportunities to become five-hundred feet tall are few and far between. Yet when they do present themselves, it can be fun to look down at the tiny mortals from above and remind them who is in charge.
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Shapeshifting: Animal Morphing
Just as it sounds, Animal Morphing is the ability to transform into animals, which is mostly for fun than anything else. Most Gods do not like turning invisible, so transforming into a bird, butterfly, or cat tends to be a favorite as opposed to disappearing.
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Shapeshifting: Object Morphing
Object Morphing is the ability to transform into otherwise inanimate objects such as clothes, furniture, or even machines. A god who wants to sneak around might turn into someone's clothes and go along for a ride, able to steal the form and function of clothes while still retaining their senses via use of other abilities such as telepathy or Omnisight. Kinky gods might turn themselves into sex toys to be used on others.
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Shapeshifting: Elemental Morphing
Elemental Morphing is far more godly than most other kinds for the gods literally become something beyond matter, usually transforming into wind, electricity, or perhaps water. It is also possible for a god to turn into sand, sound, rain, or fire.
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Shapeshifting: Gender Bending
Tucked away under the category of Body Morphing is a very specific ability that most people who are not gods find odd or disturbing: the ability to alter one's gender both entirely or partially. Yet to the Gods who strive for new experiences and pleasures otherwise unknown, the ability to alter their genders and try out the opposite sex for a little while is actually a favorite. Early experiments with such powers were very basic as the female gods got to try out adventures as a man, yet after time these women preferred to keep their feminine features, faces, and bodies, aside from one particular part once thought only to be found hanging from men.
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Cosmic State
Cosmic State is similar to Ghosting, yet the god has absolutely no form whatsoever. Sometimes referred to as 'existing as pure thought' or 'omnipresence', a god can enter a Cosmic State and travel beyond matter, time, space, and exist in a vacuum as small as an atom or spread out and encompass the entire planet if they are searching for something specific. Then when the time is right, they can simply create a new body to slip their consciousness into. Cosmic State is also responsible for the gods' immortality, allowing them to continue to live on even if their body is destroyed.
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When it comes to Cloning and how the Gods use this amazing power, there are three common methods, each with their own benefits and pleasures. Primary Cloning allows a god to exist in many places at the same time, sharing a hive mind while also eliminating a center version. When a god chooses this method, all the bodies share all the sensations, thoughts, and feelings each is going through, which can be both sexy and confusing. Dual Cloning separates the god into two or more separate bodies, allowing each to exist totally independent from each other. When the god reverts back into one body, the memories they experienced are merged so neither is lost. Central Cloning places one version of the God as the lead while the others are mere drones, sometimes gathering information and sensations to share, and sometimes just independent and doing a task the real God would rather not do. Drones tend to be less capable, less powerful, and are generally used as a 'decoy'. It is also important to note that gods do not let their clones travel far apart as it will make it difficult to focus. Even omnipotent beings have to be careful.
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Cloning: Splitting
Splitting is an entirely different form of cloning that is not very common. It occurs when one of the gods decides to become to entirely different people, splitting her consciousness into two totally different beings. This might be a way to deceive someone as she takes on two different roles.
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The mother of all godly powers: the ability to create. Creation means exactly that as the Gods commonly need to create things while they go out into the world, typically clothes or perhaps food if they are still clinging to their former mortal pleasures. It is important to note that gods cannot create money due to the possibility of creating counterfeit money which can be traced. Instead, gods will create diamonds or jewels and sell them in exchange for money, or those who are in need of money fast will simply teleport money out of someone else's safe and into their purses. However, the most favorite of all the things to create are people, or at least temporary people who act as servants willing to do whatever their creator demands of them. Yet like the troubles with money, these people must also be erased or stored away in the minds of their creator when not in use just in case actual real person starts to question where they came from. Sure, birth certificates and identification cards can be created, but its simply not a wise thing to do. Easier to put them away like the toys they are.
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Immortality / Self Resurrection
A key power for one to even be considered 'godly' is to be immortal, and Hannah and her friends are no exception. Now always 'invincible', it is possible for Hannah and her fellow Gods to die, only they simply do not stay dead. Once their human bodies are destroyed or wasted away, their souls (or essence) is simply kicked out of their corpses and sent sailing away very much like a ghost, able to watch their body die as it is no longer a suitable host. Still equipped with all of their powers despite having no physical form as they exist in a Cosmic State, Hannah and her Gods can simply create a new form to exist in, commonly recreating their old appearance out of then air and slipping back inside it like putting on a new pair of shoes. Of course a god could choose to simply heal their old body if they had a certain attachment to it, but sometimes there just isn't anything left. This of course gives them the status of 'immortal' for they can always come back from the dead.
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