Kelly White
A tormented teenager who began developing amazing powers.
Appears to be ... 18
Can ... do anything she wants. She is omnipotent.
Likes to ... stalk Hannah; stalk Hannah's demigods; turn her parents into hamsters when they disobey her; grow a huge penis and play with it; have sex with herself; have sex with Rebecca; recruit new demigods to obey her.
Fun Facts Abused by parents and church; teased by classmates; developed powers at a young age; eventually gained omnipotence by eighteen; views herself as 'God'; longs to replace Hannah as 'God'; lacks empathy
Birthday 7/25/97
Power Level 100%?
Home City Unknown
Current City Unknown
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Unbeknownst to the rest of the world, Hannah Deangelo is not the only 'magical girl' in the world ... and may in fact not be the most powerful being in the universe.

Born a very normal baby to very normal and very religious parents, Kelly White’s parents forced their daughter to follow their Christian doctrine, or else. Even when a then ten year-old Hannah revealed she had powers similar to the White's god, Kelly's parents ignored the obvious abilities powers of Hannah and insisted that they follow their holy book, continue going to their church, and forbid Kelly from talking to anyone who was not a Christian or a member of their very specific faction. Locked away for most of her life and teased by her classmates at school, things took a turn when Kelly started to develop supernatural abilities similar to those of the famous Hannah Deangelo. She gained telekinesis, telepathy, and pyrokinesis as well, quickly convincing her religious parents that she was possessed by a demon ‘just like Hannah Deangelo’. There were exorcisms, visits from priests, and even torture until the oddities surrounding their daughter ended.

Yet Kelly’s powers did not go away, she just stopped using them, hiding the fact that she could now fly, teleport, create things out of thin air, and even control her parent’s thoughts. Soon Kelly owns time, space, matter, dreams, and can do as she pleases, a fact that does not bode well for those who tormented her in the past. Tired of cruel classmates, terrible parents, and priests calling her a ‘demon’, Kelly begins to wonder why she should listen to anyone or anything, beginning to wonder what’s so great about Hannah when Kelly now believes it is she who is in fact God.

As of EPISODE 10, Kelly used her powers to infultrate Alexis's Study Session and have sex with many of her friends, including demigod Rebecca.

As of EPISODE 12, Kelly has used her mind control powers to make Hannah's friends Sabrina and Mia love her. Kelly has also discovered she is capable of blocking Hannah from seeing her. She has also aparently used her magical powers to turn her parents into hamsters and keeps them locked in a cage.

As of EPISODE 12 BONUS, Kelly used her powers to not only clone herself, but also give each of her clones a huge dick. She fucked Mia and Sabrina before finally turning on herself. Kelly paused time for days to continue fucking herself while everyone, including Hannah and her friends, were forced to wait.

As of EPISODE 15 BONUS, Kelly snuck into Tiffany's house disguised as a dildo, then waited for the chance to return to her human form and have sex with Tiffany's boyfriend Luke.

As of EPISODE 23, Tiffany created a copy of Kelly for Luke thinking she had been Celeste.

As of EPISODE 24, Kelly starts a huge orgy at a tennis court by brainwashing some locals. She then steals them and turns them into her own demigods, granting two men and two women magical powers while also demanding they bow to her greater power. With a plan in mind, Kelly has also convinced the Champions of Truth that she is from another universe, wants to kill Hannah, and is on their side. They surrender to her and hope she will help them defeat Hannah.

As of EPISODE 27, Kelly impersonates one of Rebecca's lovers to get her in bed. She then 'erases' one of her own demigods Debbie and replaces her with another mortal named Sophia.

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