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'Little' Vanessa
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The wild, wacky, and very willing younger version of Vanessa Crawford: the God of Power.

Much like how Rebecca Larson created her teenage alter ego Becky, Vanessa Crawford created 'Little' Vanessa: a slutty, spunky, and often extremely goofy alter ego who is far younger than her true self. Yet unlike Rebecca who has developed Becky to such a level that Becky is almost an independent being with her own personality, Vanessa has done very little to develop her teenage self other than to give her many of the opposing traits her true self enjoys. Unlike the billionaire Vanessa Crawford, Little Vanessa is basically a bimbo with no self respect. She often has no idea how little she is wearing when she goes out in public, her body shocking many and her brain oblivious to her actions. Also unlike the older Vanessa, this teenage Vanessa seems to love men more than she loves women, her greatest joy to be gang-banged by a group of strangers or pounded in the ass by a super-sized cock. Of course, no god is completly on one side of the sexual spectrum, and Little Vanessa is more than willing to please her 'older friends'.

Always the life of the party, even if she doesn't know it, Little Vanessa will steal the spotlight without even trying.
Birthday N/A
Appears ... 19 years old
Names / Aliases Lil' Nessie, Nessie
Power Level 99%
Nationality American (African)
Home City Atlanta, Georgia
Current City Unknown
General Sex
With Guys
With Girls
Gender Bending
Gaining Powers
Using Powers
Being Famous
Having Money
Winning Praise
Sexy Outfits
ID Theft
Alter Egos
Fun Facts Younger alter ego of Vanessa Crawford; Created to originally please Rebecca Larson; Used as a disguise when Vanessa goes out in public with the other gods; Pretends to be foolish and clumsey, yet it is all just an act to drive men wild
Can ... do anything she wants. She is omnipotent.
Likes to ... strip; show up to random places naked; get arrested; suck cock; take more than one cock at once; shock people with her body and its measurements; give lucky men the fuck of their life.
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