Vikki Echeverri
A classmate of Hannah's who became affected by her power.
Power Level 0%
Birthday 6/17/96
Home City Chicago, Illinois
Current City Unknown
Favorite Powers N/A
Fun Facts Cheerleader, bubbly ditz, closted lesbian who longs for lesbian sex with her otherwise prude, straight, yet very sexy friends
Turn On Spoiler View
The fact that some girl at her high school had magical powers didn't bother Vikki throughout her teenage adventures. In the same grade as Hannah Deangelo, Vikki Echeverri just went about her days in high school, enjoying the benefits of being young and beautiful like the rest of her popular friends. Vikki wasn't mean or rude to those who were not as beautiful or as wealthy as her family was, but she was not about to deny herself the joys of being born beautiful. Refusing to hide her sexy body even in her teen years, Vikki was always loved by boys, offered help with her grades by her teachers, and generally coasted through life as a dim-witted, stereotypical cheerleader who always got what she wanted. Yet the thing she wanted most of all eluded her for Vikki had always known she was a lesbian. Forced to stay in the closet due to peer preasure, Vikki was finally broken free when she had an sexual encounter with her best friend Amy: a girl she had always had a crush on. Did Hannah have some role in this? Probably not. The idea seems really proposturous.
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