Valerie Wright
A old woman who was turned into a brainwashed demigod.
Power Level 99%
Birthday 3/10/1939
Home City Phoenix, Arizona
Current City Unknown
Favorite Powers Teleporting, Telekinesis, Gender Bending, Creation, Mind Control, Intangibility
Fun Facts Magical grandma; Kelly's demigod; an elderly woman who was given astonishing beauty and godlike power; brainwashed to obey Kelly's every command; stands over nine feet tall; enjoys having a huge dick occasionally
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Standing over nine feet tall and with breasts as big as trash bags, Valerie Wright is a sight to behold. Once a married, conservative, grouchy old woman, Valerie was brainwashed by Kelly and turned into an omnipotent demigod who is always ready and willing to do anything her new god Kelly demands. It doesn't matter if Kelly tells Valerie to walk around totally naked, have sex with whoever Kelly tells her to, or even kill innocent people with her powers, Valerie is all smiles and eager to please Kelly no matter what. Totally unconcerned about her old life, her husband who has reported her missing, or who might spot her naked in public, the only thing that matters to Valerie is indeed Kelly's happiness.

Valerie is a slave with the powers of a god, and she wouldn't have it any other way.
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