Tabitha Allen
A once 'ugly' girl who was granted impossibly beauty by Rebecca.
Appears ... 19 years old
Birthday 1/21/1996
Power Level 0%
Home City South Lake Tahoe, California
Current City South Lake Tahoe, California
Can ... hide her affair with a witch from her Christian parents.
Likes to ... pray to Rebecca; write love notes to Rebecca; wear tiny outfits for her new body; be Rebecca's slave.
Fun Facts Very shy; Very clumsy in her new body; Often shocks her parents with the clothes she wears; Has a hard time talking to anyone; Has no idea how many people check her out on a daily basis; Generally oblivious to her own beauty.
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Tabitha's Story
Tabitha was never 'hot' in high school, never desired, and never asked out on dates, and that was exactly how her Christian parents wanted their little girl to be. She had no reason to date boys for their church would one day find her the right man. Leave it to the God of Beauty Rebecca Larson to do something about it. Seeing a bit of her past self in Tabitha, Rebecca Larson appeared before Tabitha not as a god, but as a magical witch who was ready to twist Tabitha's life around and give her the beauty she desered. Bringing her inner beauty outward, Rebecca turned Tabitha into an ultra-busty babe which the small town of South Lake Tahoe could barely handle. Rebecca herself could barely handle Tabitha's new form as well, and soon the two were lovers.

Now doing her best to hide her 'affair' with a real witch, Tabitha goes to church with her parents and ties her huge breasts down. She does her chores, remains the good girl her parents always wanted her to be, yet longs for Rebecca to return and make love to her. Having taken Tabitha's virginity, Rebecca knows that Tabitha is addicted to their magical sex, the horny teenager always ready to offer her body to Rebecca in any way she wants it. Now a very obedient sub, Tabitha longs for Rebecca to toss her around, force her into positions, and fuck her with whatever objects the magical witch can conjure up. Has Rebecca unlocked Tabitha's inner slut? Will she ever let the world know how badly she wants to get fucked?
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