Sonia Clark
A runaway who ended up at Petra's sex cult.
Appears ... 21 years old
Birthday 9/10/94
Power Level 0%
Home City Unknown
Current City Unknown
Can ... have sex sith her step-dad's ex-wife out of spite.
Likes to ... piss off her mom; avoid her step-dad; have sex with Kwame.
Fun Facts Runaway; naive; longs to get revenge on her mother and her new husband in some way; got in over her head with Petra Voronina's cult
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Sonia's Story
Sonia Clark disliked her mother and hated her new father, so she decided to rebel and run away from home with the intention of getting revenge on them in the most unusual way possible: having lesbian sex with her new step-dad's ex-wife, the rich, famous, and insanely beautiful Petra Voronina. Clearly a confused child, Sonia managed to get in touch with Petra, and Petra was more than happy to play a role in her scheme, using her wealth and power to rescue Sonia from America and bring her to her mansion in Moscow, Russia.

Yet when the time came for Sonia to give herself to the taller, gorgeous, voluptuous woman who was more than twice her age, the otherwise straight girl became nervous for she knew Petra was also a little nuts. Believing that other girl Hannah Deangelo to be God, Petra seemed only interested in converting the young girl to her way of thinking, offering her a life in luxury if she joined her cult: The Order of Angels. Longing to get the revenge she wanted, Sonia agreed and let this beautiful woman make love to her, unaware that Petra seemed to indeed have some connection to Hannah like she had claimed. As if by magic, Sonia's already lovely, young body was enhanced: her breasts inflated before her eyes, her body slimmed down, and the minor details of her body from her teeth to tiny skin blemishes to even the feel of her blonde hair became perfected.

How did Petra do this? Is Petra actually right about Hannah?
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