Scarlett Olufemi
A ancient Egyptian Queen who was plucked from the past to be a god.
Appears ... 41 years old
Birthday ~1000 BC
Power Level 98%
Home City Men-nefer, Ancient Egypt
Current City Kanpeki, Planet Kyuka
Can ... do anything she wants. She is omnipotent.
Likes to ... living on her own planet; having sex with Nika; having sex with Celeste; hosting orgies; having a very large penis; being both male and female
Fun Facts Nika's wife; former queen-turned-god; banished to the planet Kyuka by Hannah; loves perverse sex with her wife and her servants; commonly lives as an Evo: a third gender of her own creation that is both male and female
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Scarlett's Story
Having ruled an entire civilization long before there were rivals to question her absolute authority, the woman known as Olufemi was believed to be a god, that is until she was other thrown and executed for her heinous crimes against her own people. Yet Olufemi did indeed have some sort of connection to the gods, her soul taken from her body just before her death and pulled far into the future by the very powerful and very real God of Judgment: Nika Yin. Olufemi was indeed shaken by this revelation, a realization that she was not actually god, but that there were powers far greater than her own. Thankfully, those same powers wanted her to join the ranks of the true gods not only in power, but in matrimony. Olufemi was offered both unlimited supernatural power to do as she wished, as well as the chance to become a wife to one of the true gods.

Olufemi accepted without hesitation, even though the god who wanted to marry her was also a woman. Realizing her past civilization despised her, she adopted the more modern name of Scarlett and moved into a new home with her new wife, a gigantic castle which was not only on a far away land, but also on an entirely different planet known as Kyuka. It was then that Scarlett learned she was only to be a god on this world, her ranks amongst the gods not quite what she dreamed it would be. Yet the now immortal woman settled for this imprisonment in paradise for she knew she was now a queen who could not be questioned or overthrown. She was free to be as she always dreamed: infinitely beautiful, infinitely powerful, and infinitely sexual. She basks in the endless praise of her subjects, a new breed of humans created by her very own wife Nika with the sole purpose to please her and obey her. She even has gone so far as to exist as an entirely new gender created by Nika on Kyuka: the exceptionally voluptuous and fantastically glamorous gender known as Evo, or simply an extremely voluptuous and beautiful woman who also happens to have an extremely long penis and a pair of testicles as well as a vagina.

Suffice to say: Scarlett is now both male and female, and she loves it.
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