Raphael Flores
A handsome, adventurous 'yacht flipper' who is dating a real angel.
Appears ... 32 years old
Birthday 8/17/1983
Power Level 0%
Home City Madrid, Spain
Current City Valencia, Spain
Can ... fix boats.
Likes to ... fix boats; sell boats; live freely; help his neighborhood; have sex with his magical girlfriend Celeste.
Fun Facts Celeste's older, mortal boyfriend; loves boating and fixing boats; gorgeous bachelor and a bit of a romantic; often taken back by the powers of his omnipotent girlfriend; cannot deny he loves all the crazy sex
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Raphael's Story
Raphael was born for the sea, or at least he thought so. At a young age, he was quite obsessed with boats and sailing, trying to get on any ship he could and work the trade. Realizing he was quite good at fixing boats, Raphael found he could make quite a bit of money buying old boats, fixing them, and selling them again, adopting that as the job of a lifetime. Handsome, strong, weathered, and in love with the water and the sun, the self-made man has always been the talk of the town, adored by women of all ages who wonder why this gorgeous man has not settled down. Perhaps this dashing Spaniard is just in love with the sea, or perhaps he has already found his angel.

Just mere months ago, Raphael was quickly smitten by a French girl quite a bit younger than himself, a girl who seemed to be even more smitten with him than he was of her. Unable to keep a secret, this teenage girl named Celeste revealed that she was an angel working for the magical girl Hannah Deangelo, and thus was granted amazing magical powers to use on her quest to help others find love. A bit more of a 'cupid' than an 'angel', this bubbly teen astonished Raphael as she showed him how she could fly, teleport, create anything they could ever want out of thin air, transform into animals, and do countless other magical things that typically were used by the magical teen to get them naked and making love. When she's not out doing 'Hannah's work', Raphael's magical girlfriend is bouncing around his fancy condo, casting spells and using her magical powers to create wild, sexual fantasies. Is this what Raphael wants, or is he searching for something a bit ... simpler?
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