Señora Carla Ramos
A maid who became a sexual bombshell who became a magical genie.
Appears ... 39 years old
Birthday Unknown
Power Level 99%
Home City Unknown
Current City Valencia, Spain
Can ... do anything she wants. She is omnipotent.
Likes to ... grant Rapheal and Celeste's wishes; float; float through walls; ignore reality; create things out of thin air; create copies of herself; create copies of other women for her own pleasure.
Fun Facts Magical genie; created by Celeste to be her boyfriend's live-in maid; believes she is a real person, yet devoted to obeying Celeste and Raphael; seems to have godlike powers; hates clothes; always ready for an orgy
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Señora Ramos's Story
Señora Ramos was a kind woman who was the head maid for a rich man in Barcelona, Spain, so good that she attracted the attention of an evil demon going by the name Maria Nuñez. This evil demon kidnapped Señora Ramos, took her from her husband and children, and turned her into not only a slave to clean her massive mansion, but a sexual slave as well. At the whim of the magical girl, Señora Ramos was constantly transformed over and over again to match whatever sexual needs her immortal master wanted, culminating in her final form as a impossibly voluptuous woman with breasts far bigger than her own head. It was while in this form that Señora Ramos's master was finally defeated bt the angel Celeste and freed from her bonds. As thanks, Señora Ramos offered her services to the young angel, and Celeste was more than happy to hire her, so happy in fact that Celeste turned this mortal woman into a magical genie, blessing her with amazing powers of her own to use in her maidly duties.

Of course the whole story is bullshit. The truth is that Señora Ramos is not a real person by merely a person created by Celeste during a kinky scenario she made up for her boyfriend. And yet Señora Ramos still believes it to be true: she has memories of her children, her husband, the evil Maria Nuñez, and believes herself to be a genie owned by Celeste and her boyfriend Raphael. From her point of view, she is a real person who became a genie, but from Raphael's: she is just another illusion dreamed up by his magical girlfriend, an illusion who will gladly do anything her masters want. There is nothing Señora Ramos wants more out of life than to make her new masters happy. The question is how long will Celeste's magical powers keep her in existence? Has Celeste created a real being who possesses godlike powers of her own?
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