Natalia Vasileiv
A wealthy, very real princess who was also Hannah's first girlfriend.
Appears ... 27 years old
Birthday 7/5/1988
Power Level 20%
Home City Undetermined
Current City Mumbai, India
Can ... fly, teleport, alter her appearance and body at will; create objects out of thin air, read minds, not be harmed.
Likes to ... have her picture taken; be seen wearing revealing outfits in public; have sex with gorgeous women who remind her of Hannah; remind people that she has powers; be rich; be famous; be waited on.
Fun Facts Ex-girlfriend of Hannah; given a few powers of her own during her romance with 'God'; believes that Hannah will one day take her back, marry her, and make her a god as well; loves attention and getting her picture taken
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Natalia's Story
Born into unlimited wealth to a Russian billionaire and an Indian Bollywood superstar, Natalia was known around the world as a ‘princess’ despite having no true royal birth. Higher than high class, the gorgeous girl who gained her father’s money and her mother’s looks had cameras and butlers following her all her life. Very few were worthy of looking at her, let alone dating her, and she knew it. Natalia picked her men, and they obeyed, at least until the day God picked her. Mesmerized by Natalia’s beauty, Hannah Deangelo longed for Natalia just like the rest of the world did, and Natalia did not resist. Instantly willing to be with another girl, twenty-seven year-old Natalia and eighteen year-old Hannah became a very public couple.

Natalia was indeed Hannah’s first love, and showered Natalia not only with more gifts than she could have ever bought with her father’s money, but powers of her own. Soon Natalia is able to fly, create whatever she wants out of thin air, transform her body any way she please, read the minds of the paparazzi that follows her, and more. But as most first loves go, it did not last. Hannah saw Natalia’s greed grow and their love faded. Now known around the world as ‘God’s ex-girlfriend’, Natalia still basks in her fame and her wealth … as well as the amazing powers that Hannah let her keep.
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