Marcus Millbrook
The founder of the Church of Hannah
Appears ... 58 years old
Birthday N/A
Power Level 0%
Home City Unknown
Current City Unknown
Can ... convince rich people to give him more money; convince anyone that Hannah is God; convince anyone that he knows Hannah's wishes and is doing her work; stay out of trouble with the law.
Likes to ... show off his perfect smile; meet high school students who want to go to his university; have sex with his students and fellow teachers; have sex with Dr. Carson.
Fun Facts Is insanely rich; Has never been married; Loves sex with young women, yet proclaims it is all in the name of Hannah; Believes that if he finds Hannah her wife/husband/both, that he will be given immortality in return.
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Marcus's Story
There are very few people in the world with more money than Marcus Millbrook, and yet no one seems to really know where Marcus got all his money from. The handsome man of profound stature and impossible wealth enjoyed using his money to buy young lovers to amuse him, but as the grey hairs started to grow, he realized his time on Earth to play with all his money and have sex with bikini models was running out. Enter Hannah Deangelo and her magical powers.

Realizing this little girl from Chicago could give him immortality, Marcus set out to found a church devoted to Hannah Deangelo, the mere mortal believing that this girl could not see his true intentions despite her well-known telepathic powers. Spending a fortune to found the Church of Hannah, Marcus started speaking to followers and the wealthy members of society, many of them sharing the same greed for life which Marcus tried to hide. When young women flocked to his sermons, Marcus realized he could use the Word of God to win these ladies to his side, his promise of immortality from Hannah enough to get them to strip for him. That was when Marcus came up with the great idea of coaching young men and women to be Hannah's devoted servants, sexual slaves Marcus would offer to Hannah once Hannah came of age. Realizing he could gain control over the most wealthy and beautiful people in the world, Marcus began to built 'Universities' which taught Hannah's life, her demands, and her needs. There, Marcus would have all the beautiful girls he could ever want, and hopefully once Hannah embraced her status as God, she would reward him for his great work and turn him into a god as well.

Or so he hopes.
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