Lisa Carlson
An otherwise good, quiet student who was 'enhanced' by Hannah.
Appears ... 22 years old
Birthday 6/19/1993
Power Level 0%
Home City Unknown
Current City Chicago, Illinois
Can ... resist temptation.
Likes to ... study; go to class; go to work; ignore Mia's wild antics; avoid Hannah and Sabrina, hide her new body.
Fun Facts Was seduced by Hannah and Sabrina while at a party; was enhanced by Hannah and given an unbelievably sexy body; isn't sure if she regrets meeting Hannah or not;
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Lisa's Story
Lisa didn't ask to be a super-busty blonde bombshell with breasts as big as her head, but that was what she got after a drunken night at a party ended with her being seduced by God herself Hannah Deangelo. While she didn't stop Hannah from using her godlike powers to bless her with an hourglass figure that would land her supermodeling jobs the world over, Lisa wasn't entirely sure how to deal with the fact that she was now almost too beautiful for her boring weekend job. Everyone wanted to now date Lisa, get to know Lisa, or find excuses to talk to Lisa, and she knew the reason why was because of what Hannah had done to her, not because of who she actually was. No one ever paid too much attention to Lisa before she was 'ehnahced by God', so why should she care now?

Despite her roommate Mia's abuse of her newfound beauty, Lisa does what she can to continue living her life as she always did while trying to avoid a repeat evening with Hannah and her crazy friend Sabrina. She goes to work, does her homework, and tries to hide her amazing body in baggy clothes and loose-fitting jeans. Yet how long can Lisa continue before she realizes the power she possesses? Will Lisa continue to ignore boys and avoid the attention, especially when the attention now comes from boys she has always liked? Was this beauty bestowed upon her actually a curse like she originally thought, or a blessing she might as well enjoy?
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