Kristi Kardashia
A rich, famous reality show star who longs to be a god.
Appears ... 23 years old
Birthday 2/10/92
Power Level 0%
Home City Unknown
Current City Los Angeles, California
Can ... steal the spotlight; spend her dad's money.
Likes to ... party; be famous; wear tiny outfits; get her picture taken; pose for the camera; have wild sex
Fun Facts Ultra-rich heiress; lives with her busy father in a giant mansion; had a reality show about her rich, wild life; blames Hannah for her show getting canceled; craves sex, attention, and powers of her own
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Kristi's Story
Young Kristi knows that Hannah exists and that she might be god, but that doesn't mean Kristi doesn't think of herself as a god as well. Famous for being rich and famous, Kristi always considered herself better than everyone else despite the fact she did nothing to earn her wealth or beauty and instead was born to a wealthy dad who married a young supermodel. Now without her mom around and happy to be a 'daddy's girl', Kristi flaunts her body around Los Angeles wherever she can, living in her own little bubble surrounded by people who just want to make her happy in the hopes that they will be her friend.

It's pretty well known that after a few drinks and some drugs, Kristi Kardashia will become super-slut who will strip in public and have sex with just about anyone: men, women, and even the occasional transgender who just so happens to turn her on. Living for sex, drugs, and alcohol, and more than happy to lie, cheat, and break as many hearts as she wants, the raging narccasist has no idea she has been tested several times by Hannah's god Rebecca Larson, tests that this girl fails miserably time and time again. Still believing she can change her ways, Rebecca Larson tests Kristi every chance she gets, and still believing she is deserving of superpowers like Hannah Deangelo, Kristi fails those tests. Will Kristi ever clean up her act, or will Rebecca finally just give up and move on to some other hot, young babe?
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