Dr. Julia Reynolds
An ultra-smart business woman and world-famous scientist at BioTech.
Appears ... 42 years old
Birthday Unknown
Power Level 0%
Home City Unknown
Current City Unknown
Can ... strut; seduce; strip; tease; make everyone in the office stop what they are doing.
Likes to ... wear low-cut shirts at work; show off her amazing body; seduce coworkers and interns; get away with anything at the office due to her brilliance and beauty.
Fun Facts Famed biologist and chemist; has stakes in several pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies; works at government facility BioTrek; commonly has sex with her hunky male interns
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Julia's Story
Dr. Julia Reynolds is a dream.

Born with supermodel looks, yet more interested in science and smarts, Dr. Reynolds took the world by storm and quickly became one of the most respected biologists and chemists in the world. After making millions in the pharmaceutical and cosmetology industry, Dr. Reynolds was recruited by BioTech to run their Biology Division. Unbeknownst to BioTech, Dr. Reynolds abused her power to hire not the smartest, young minds, but the hottest young men to work under her, do her bidding, and join her in her luxurious bedroom.

The older blonde seduced hot, young coworker after coworker, having no need for money or fame while recapturing the sexual joys of her youth. Yet when BioTech forced Dr. Reynolds to hire a young genius by the name of Mary Miller, Dr. Reynolds was forced to actually work for once instead of just using her towering status and amazing looks to sleep with whoever she wanted. Young Mary Miller tested Dr. Reynolds’ mind, her patience, and eventually pulled Dr. Reynolds into her twisted ideas that giving people super-powers was actually possible. What will she do about this crazy, young genius? Will Dr. Reynolds expose Mary’s insanity and get her fired, or does Dr. Reynolds believe Mary’s theory that they can both become super-human?
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