Jackie Torres
A successful college girl who was joyfully corrupted by sex and magic.
Appears ... 20 years old
Birthday 8/12/1995
Power Level 40%
Home City South Lake Tahoe, California
Current City South Lake Tahoe, California
Can ... fly; walk through walls; turn invisible; use telekinesis; transform her body at will; read minds
Likes to ... post photos of herself online; study magic; practice magic; wait for Rebecca; have sex with Rebecca; try out new forms of sex; dream of becoming immortal just like Rebecca.
Fun Facts College hottie; Rebecca's apprentice; possessing a magical ring that gives her limited powers; longs to be immortal; longs for more power
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Jackie's Story
Jackie had everything going for her until she found out that magic was real and she could become immortal sorceress just like her teacher Rebecca Larson. Now it is all this young girl thinks about as she ignores almost every other aspect in life, other than sex, of course.

A strange evening and a chance occurance led to Jackie rescuing a master of magic from captivity, the magical spirit forever in debt to the mere mortal. As payment for her good deed, Jackie was given a magical ring by the immortal sorceress, a ring which gave the college freshman supernatural powers, as long as no one was looking, that is. Books and studies became far less important to Jackie once she realized she could fly, read minds, walk through walls, use telekinesis, and even transform her body into anything she wanted. Magic is real and Jackie wants more at any cost.

Sadly, Jackie isn't really supposed to have magic nor know it even exists, the powerful god Rebecca having possibly gone a bit too far in exposing her omnipotence to the average teenager. Yet Rebecca won't break the bad news to her sexy apprentice for Jackie is just too much fun, the busty brunette now one of the the God of Beauty's favorite lovers. Will Hannah finally step in and remove Jackie's ring, reverting this now college drop-out back to her powerless state, or is Rebecca right? Is Jackie just too much fun to deny powers to? Time will tell.
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